The Cultural Hall Ep.14/Mitch Mayne Pt 2


On August 14, 2011, Mitch Mayne was sustained as the executive secretary in the Bishopric of the Bay Ward of the San Francisco Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons).

Mitch accepted this calling because of the opportunity it presents him to serve his Savior and his community. And, he accepted this calling as his authentic self: An openly gay man who loves his Savior, loves his Mormon family, loves his counterparts within the LGBTQ community, and has both desire and opportunity to serve.

We had more questions than one episode could handle.

We welcome back to The Cultural Hall, Mitch Mayne.

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  • DMH says:

    Richie, I live in California and was very involved in getting Prop 8 passed. I want to know how we were we treating people “unChristlike” during the Prop 8 time? No Mormon that I know of treated any gay person badly. I did not. We simply were standing up for marriage between a man and a woman as President Monson had asked us to and as we believed in. Gays were given the “right” to marry going against Prop 22, Mayor Newsom illegally let them marry.I still am fighting for Marriage between a man and a woman. Look at Christian people losing thier jobs, being expelled from school, being sued because they state that they believe that homosexuality (the sexual practice of it) is an abomination. Here in California SB48 goes into effect in one month, teaching our children to admire homosexuals, transgenders, bisexuals contributions to society. Why do children need to know someone’s sexual preference? I beleive that President Monson was inspired as a Prophet to admonish us to do all we can do to keep marriage between a man and a woman. He knows things that are going to happen down the road if marriage is changed. This, like abortion is a moral issue. I choose to Follow the Prophet.

  • Apron Appeal says:

    As much as I would love to respond to DMH’s comment above. I think I’m just going to stick to why I decided to post.

    Prop 8 caused a great deal of conflict for many members of the church whether gay or straight. I was on vacation in oregon when the letter was read over the pulpit and I, not having any reason to sympathize with the LGBTQ movement, felt a great deal of unrest on the matter. I remember leaving my vacation being so grateful that I didn’t live in California or Oregon because I didn’t know what I would do. Later I think that is what caused the conflict for me… I had hesitated. I was either doubting myself or my prophet and that doubt caused me to hesitate what action I should take and I didn’t like that place of unknowing and was embarrassed by it.

    After the election had passed, I found myself even more upset by the things I heard people saying were reasons to defend marriage between a man and a woman (were we really upset that now in schools we would have to teach our kids to respect people who chose to marry persons of the same sex?)

    I decided to write a letter to the General Authorities to get some answers. While writing my letter I had the distinct impression to ask God my questions. I did and the answer was clear, “My ways are not your ways and this is a catalyst for my work.”

    I echo Mitch. I think that prop 8 has a deep purpose for the church. It spurred people into action and that is what God wants, at least for me. He doesn’t want me to sit back and just do what I’m told. He wants me to be a part of his work by thrusting in my sickle and I tend to think that he cares little which “side” I’m harvesting, so long as I do it with the full love of God in my heart.

    Wow that was a long comment.

  • DMH says:

    To Apron Appeal- Your words “He doesn’t want me to sit back and just do what I’m told” Did you forget who it was admonishing us to defend marriage? Did you hear the letter from the pulpit, attend satellite broadcasts from SLC, read the Apostle’s words about the issue on Yes, I prayed about it too. I felt with all my heart that I needed to Follow the Prophet. In these latter days,this is what it is going to come down to. Either you have the faith to believe that President Monson is a prophet and mouthpiece for God or you don’t. Since then, the Apostles have reiterated over and over (Pres. Packer, Dallin Oaks, etc) that the practice of homosexuality is a sin. Charity…rejoiceth not in iniquity…but rejoiceth in the Truth. Moroni 7:45
    Why would we want to support sin? Since you did not live in California during that time, I don’t know how you could know all that went on here. You did not live through the hatred, vandalism on property, Churches and our Temple, physical attacks, threats, loss of jobs of those who supported Prop 8, etc.etc, Nor did mainstream media report the events.
    “My ways are not your ways” Exactly. His ways are not the way of the world. We may not know why he asks us to do His will (like polygamy, W of W, Family Proclamation, etc) but we are asked to be obedient because He knows all. A House divided against itself cannot stand. This admonition and Prop 8 was about keeping marriage between a man and a woman. This has NOTHING to do with bullying at school. That is totally irrelevant.. In THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, gay unions already have ALL rights that traditional marriages have. Their goal is to teach new morals to our children. To not only accept but to fully SUPPORT and CONDONE that marriage can be between any two beings that love each other. AND if you do not support it, you are labeled as a homophobe