The Cultural Hall Ep.21/Gay Returned Missionaries

I hope they call me on a mission, when I have grown a foot or two. I hope when I return I will like women, and date and marry and procreate like heterosexuals do…

…This is a first on The Cultural Hall, we visit with 3 returned missionaries who are no longer active in the LDS Church. They share with us the struggles, heart ache and blessings of being gay and being a returned missionary.

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  • Luke B. says:

    Seriously? Another episode about homosexuality and the church?

    You guys hit on the issue of homosexuality a lot in your podcast. You’ve had a number of episodes dedicated specifically to the subject and you seem to bring it up in almost every episode, whether it be discussing it in an interview or talking about a story in the articles of news.

    I liked the podcast better when it was a light-hearted, faith-promoting look at Mormon culture and LDS people in the world — instead of the heavy-handed, agenda-promoting attempt to make church members feel guilty for not approving of the homosexual lifestyle it has become.

    You’ve even gone so far as to question church leaders’ motives and criticize the way the Lord’s anointed have handled this issue.

    I used to be a faithful listener, but your continuous promotion of the idea that the church and its members are wrong for disagreeing with the homosexual lifestyle has made me question whether this podcast is a good use of my time.

    The Cultural Hall podcast is becoming less virtuous, lovely, of good report or praiseworthy and perhaps I should no longer seek after it.

  • Cap'n Pickle says:

    Thanks, great episode. I’ve learned since coming home that one of my companions was gay, and there was an elder in one of our districts who was also gay (we had suspicions at the time and unfortunately, some of the other missionaries treated him differently as a result), and it never really bothered me. Actually, the one who wasn’t my companion had a crush on me I’m fairly certain, but that’s a story for another time. I support my former companion as a person, he’s a great humanitarian and the label of “gay” doesn’t matter to me. He’s happy with his husband and I think that’s great for him.

  • Ann says:

    Great episode. This is an important topic that needs to be discussed. We can’t talk about it at church. Thanks for providing a forum for people who feel marginalized by their church community. The church and its members may disagree with homosexuality but that won’t make it go away. We need to show true Christianity and welcome all of our fellow travelers into the church community. Let’s not forget that it was not that long ago when blacks were also marginalized.

  • Carole says:

    I really loved this. I live in Paradise and know Justin’s mother really well and Justin a little. This made me love her all the more. I really hope for more peace and understanding on this issue for young people in and out of the church.

  • Reuben says:

    Hey, neat! I was one of JD’s mission companions for a short time. We haven’t kept in touch since the mission.

    I’m pretty comfortable saying it was a long 6 weeks for both of us. I think we were both struggling with many personal things during this time, and, of course, never confided in each other (for a number of reasons). We were never very close as companions, but I think we would be much better friends had we met for the first time today.

    It is excellent to hear that JD is doing well.

  • Brice says:

    I started listening to your podcast last month…I was tentative at first, as I am not an active Mormon, but I have soon become a lifelong fan of your podcast! I have gained insight and understanding of the church I thought I had long ago abandoned. Thank you for always having lively discussions about matters that mean something to many of us. Keep up the great work!

  • Brimstone says:

    There is a HUGE difference between those that struggle with Same Sex Attraction, or Being Gay, or Confusion about Gender Identity… and those that ACT on those feelings and impulses.
    1) We are not animals. We are set apart from animals by deciding what is proper behavior. Otherwise, we would try to copulate with every “suitable” individual that caused us to become aroused.
    2) We believe in God. God has set down rules for our behavior, including sexual morality.

    Christ was a fond believer in “accepting the sinner, not the sin”, which is why he said “go thy way and sin no more”.
    We should also practice this behavior. People who are gay are no less deserving God’s love than anyone else, nor are they incapable of partaking of the atonement.
    They can and will receive the highest glory in heaven (salvation and exaltation) just like any other FAITHFUL individual.

    But we CANNOT excuse their BEHAVIOR if it is contrary to the Eternal Laws of God.

    If there is some confusion or doubt about God’s position on Homosexuality, I will be glad to provide the references from the Bible, the Greek to English translations, simple logical conclusions based on scriptural knowledge and fact and just about anything else that might be needed…