The Cultural Hall Ep.33/Lynita Newswander-Author

Mormons want to be accepted by the mainstream….that is…until we are accepted by the mainstream and then we want nothing to do with it. That is how I would describe the book LDS in the USA!

Lynita, author of this book, shares her testimony and knowledge of the culture of the church in this awesome episode.

BONUS: Lynita shares what it was like for the saints at Virginia Tech when the shooting occurred a few years ago.

We’ll be saving a seat for you on the back row

~The Cultural Hall

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  • Carl Schwab says:

    Richie thanks for letting me listen. Lifelong listener of your podcast. I’ve been listening to x96 since 1996. I’m so glad you make this uplifting and positive podcast. This particular podcast was excellent. We as a church really are a part of mainstream society and Nita very eloquently described that.

    Coincidentally I live about 30 miles from the university of south Dakota, so I’m in the same stake as Nita. I looked her up on our stake directory and she does indeed live in vermillion SD. Now I really want to buy her book and go up there and get my copy autographed.

    Again, thank you for your podcast. It helps me stay connected to my Utah roots. I also listen to the let’s go eat show and loved your interview there. Keep up the good work. Sons of the soil. Rooting for you to go all the way in mad marchness.