Kendall Wilcox Ep. 42 The Cultural Hall

It gets better. It has to.

Kendall Wilcox used to teach at BYU..he doesn’t anymore.

Kendall is openly gay, came to the edge of his life and made the choice to keep living.

You are empowered once you make the choice to live.

Live and Love

We’ll be saving a seat for you on the back row

~The Cultural Hall



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  • Sarah Robbins says:

    Secret combinations Alive and Well on BYU campus. I love how the LGBT community who believe in Christ have decided that they can put a limit on the power of His Atonement.

    • Dave Kleyh says:

      Anytime you say that we are saved after all we can do you limit the atonement and take on the work of saving yourself by your own works!

  • Steven says:

    If I understand the atonement correctly, it seems to me that Christ covers that which we are unable to cover ourselves; that is to say that because all of us fall short of perfection and are incapable of reaching perfection on our own merits in this life, we need Christ and his atonement so that he may do that which we are unable to do ourselves; to fill in that which we lack. Based on what I understand from the scriptures, we are asked only to do our best based on the circumstances life has given us, and Christ will take care of the rest. Of course, only our Heavenly Father can truly know our hearts and what our best actually is. Only our Heavenly Father can judge us with a perfect knowledge and know what our best efforts actually are. Perhaps there are those in the LGBT community who ARE doing the best they can under the circumstances life has dealt them, and no one can really know that but the individual and their Father in Heaven. But if they are truly doing their best based on their individual circumstances, then it seems to me they’re not putting limits on Christ’s atonement, but are full recipients of that atonement. I’m just glad it is our Father, and no one else, who is responsible for judging each of his children.

  • Jordan says:

    Amen Steven.

  • Ashley Garbe Smith says:

    I find the use of the term “secret combinations” interesting – in reference to the LGBT organization Kendall discussed during this episode. I don’t want to argue any perspective or say much about it in this post because I think Richie and I will discuss this in a near-future episode. Stay tuned.

  • Trevor says:

    I loved hearing from Kendall. I believe the projects and goals he’s been involved with are very important and deserve all the attention we Mormons can give them.