Richard Dutcher Ep. 49 The Cultural Hall

Richard Dutcher. God’s Army. Brigham City. States of Grace.

Some call him “The Father of Mormon Cinema” He’s not sure he likes that very much. Listen to find out why.

In 2007, the Provo Daily Herald published an open letter from Dutcher on its editorial page where he announced, “I am no longer a practicing member of the church.” He explained that he had taken a spiritual journey that “may ultimately prove incompatible with Mormon orthodoxy.” He hoped to explore human spirituality in film more broadly, but like early church leader Oliver Cowdery, someday he might return to the faith.

Find out how that journey is going so far.

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~The Cultural Hall

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  • D. Michael Martindale says:

    Suggestion. Just get right to the interview. You guys attempting to banter is kind of lame.

  • Scott says:

    I’d love to see Richard Dutcher direct a Joseph Smith biographical film based on Richard Bushman’s “Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling.” I think this might be the happy medium that Richard Dutcher talked about in the podcast. It still shows the problematic areas of Joseph’s life and work, but also provides a more spiritual slant. It’s also written with the premise that Joseph really was (or truly believed that he was) a prophet. So, to all those rich Mormons out there who want to make this happen, start ponyin’ up the cash!

  • Chris (Pickle) says:

    I disagree with the comment above, I think the banter is good. I haven’t seen my home teachers at my doorstep in almost two years, and even then they were just dropping off a 2-Liter of root beer at Christmas time with a note attached. I had no idea who they even were, still don’t. My current home teacher was in my home ward in high school, and he doesn’t come either. From my perspective, it doesn’t matter either way.

    Very interesting interview. I think Richard Dutcher is a talented film maker and I’ve been curious about why he’s not a member of the LDS faith any more. I can relate a lot to what he’s saying. I can’t say I’ve been exactly in his shoes, but I’ve had comparable experiences where I thought I knew all the answers, and then got hit with a few things that I could not explain away easily or justify. It wasn’t anti-LDS literature or someone “exposing me to the truth” on LDS theology or history. Most arguments made by “Mormon Bashers” are weak and often based on complete fallacies created bya well-meaning but misguided individuals of other faiths in order to give their congregation a common enemy. Instead, my trials were a series of events and ideas that made me feel that I needed to distance myself a little from the LDS church. People who are active and have never had something like that happen seem to think its silly, that I just need to ask them or my Bishop about my concerns, and it will all be explained and I can become active again. But its not that simple. I already know all the answers that the LDS Church can give, and what do you do when none of them can answer your questions in a satisfying way? The only path left is to become a bit of a gnostic and take a step back to really decide what you feel is the correct spiritual path for you.

    I’ll get off my soap box, but thanks for the podcast!

  • Luke B. says:

    Well that episode was a downer.

  • Mark W says:

    Really great episode! Love Dutcher’s work, and thanks for asking him the kind of questions where he can give candid answers, and letting him talk about things that aren’t necessarily faith-promoting. He had some really interesting things to say.

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