History of Saints Ep 71 of The Cultural Hall

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WARNING: Richie T. totally geeks out on this episode. It’s embarrassing really.

From the same team who worked on the Joseph Smith Papers TV Series, comes History of the Saints, an ongoing television documentary series focused on the epic history of the Latter-day Saints. The first season commences with the martyrdom of Joseph Smith, the Mormon Prophet, and follows the Saints across the plains to Utah. Subsequent seasons discuss expansion and colonization of the West, development of Utah and more.

Each show features interviews with some of the most informed scholars presenting the latest in cutting-edge research. Viewers see the places, pictures, and journals of those who made that history. Each episode contains original signature music scored especially for that story. For those who want to learn about the history that comprises the unique culture and heritage of the Latter-day Saints, this show is a must.

This is an awesome project. It is especially awesome to learn of how they fund it and put it all together. We need more projects like this one in the LDS church.

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