Letters From the Field-Sis Tobias #26


What a lovely week!

It was filled with ups and downs–as usual–but we had a New Trainer’s Meeting that was probably the neatest meeting I’ve had yet! (Notice how I added yet to the end of my sentence? Everyone does in Iowa even if it doesn’t fit!! hehe) I finally got to talk to my last companion from Peoria and she told me some awesome news. Remember KEN WESTERDALE, the old 83 year old cutie??! 🙂 He came back to the appointments and looked and Sis. Crook and said, “I KNOW THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE! It’s more true than the Bible!!” And he’s praying now!! His only hold up is that he just can’t stop drinking that ole coffee! And he said that he’s so disappointed in himself because he wants to so badly! And Lois is apparently “SOOO Mormon Now…” and talks like she was never not!! Hehe.
I ALSO GOT TO HAVE MY MTC COMPANION SISTER LLOYD over night!!!! Her companion got super sick at the meeting and couldn’t drive back to her area, so they stayed in our area. Ahhh!! I shouldn’t be so partial, but she by far my most FUN companion ever!! And so we had the most spiritual conversations and laughed about all of our experiences so far. She told me I’ve grown a lot, and that makes me so happy! When you’re in the middle of progress and change, you can’t see how far you have come. So that was definitely a glorious reminder, and it uplifted my spirits so much! 🙂 🙂

Coolest News though?? WE SET A BAPTISMAL DATE FOR MARCH 30 with a couple of investigators. Ahh! reminds me of Uncle Robin soo much! 🙂 They are such an awesome couple. And the Lord totally prepared them! They are like Golden cookies ready to take out of the oven. We have some other investigators, and they’re just like cookie dough…just about ready but they’ll need some time before they can truly get baptised. In the meantime, it’s a fun experience helping them change! 😉 She is officially done smoking and introduced us to her friend! We went to go finding a potential from the ARea book and ran into their neighbor instead. She started talking to us and I prayed in my head, “oh Please help that she will let us in!!” And right after I said that prayer she said, “Won’t you please come in, it’s so cold!” So SEEE??!! Cold weather is good for something…:)
Her name is Barb. We asked if we could perform a service for her and share a message. She said no for the message, but told us that she was a message therapist and needed some volunteers for a foot massage. Ummm…Could you just twist my arm a little more?? Hehe 🙂 So we got two free foot massages. We came back and talked with her, and also invited her to baptism. She said she will try to read the BOM first before she answers that question. We’re excited.

Mike came to church!!! . He’s probablly the most interesting investigator we have. Hair longer than mine, leather jacket, an old 70’s hippy car, and in a guitar band. WE love to teach him because he’s so hipster! 🙂 Not sure why he always comes to church but won’t get baptized…but we’ll see how it goes! 🙂

Ah!! There’s no more time, but please know how much I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. I feel the prayers and guidance of angels everyday. My mind is getting more single to the Glory of God everyday and I don’t think I ever want to come home….no offense family!! Hahaha but I just love to be out here. It’s such a sacred PRIVILEGE.


And lots of Charity,

Sister TOBIYES!!!