Special Episode Elder Jensen/Jodi Arias


Exclusive Interview with Elder Jensen one of the two Elders that taught Jodi Arias.

We, as The Cultural Hall, don’t want to weigh in on the case. We only wanted to share her conversion story from the point of view of one of the Elders who taught her. There is not another interview anywhere with the Elders who taught Jodi Arias.

And now this Special Episode of The Cultural Hall.

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  • WOW says:

    I’m surprised this information would be discussed in public because seems like it could make people not want to talk to missionaries if they are free to discuss the personal process with the world. Hmmmm, maybe the good Elder will be on Nancy Grace next week.

    • Scott says:

      WOW, I thought Elder Jensen was very respectful of Jodi and, considering the HLN headlines we’ve been seeing over the past few months, I think he was extremely objective and confidential in sharing her baptismal story.

      I have no problem with him being on the podcast. People are very curious and interested in the trial and this just gets an interesting side of the story out to the masses, LDS or not.

  • This is such a tragic situation! As you said, we are taught to stay away from situations leading to sexual misbehavior. Obviously, Travis did not respect the law of chastity and got Jodi involved with him. I have seen videos where he is allowing his friends to show her the greatest disrespect without protecting her.After months of sexual and other abuse, she finally had the guts to go to the Bishop, and here is where things really got ugly. I have no doubt that he frightened her by his behavior, and that she felt her life in danger. He was done as a Priesthood-bearer and as a professional once his excommunication became known. Poor Jodi! She got herself into the WORST relationship possible by dating and sleeping with Travis. He WAS personable and winning, and I understand her, but it also hid a darker side of his personality, and a very dangerous one, so Jodi, the pacifist ended up fighting for her life, and in so doing lost everything she had left after he tore her to pieces as a woman and as a member of the LDS Church.
    There is NO justice to be found for her, for if those desiring her death get their way, a great injustice will have been added to that injustice already imposed on her by Travis and his friends. If allowed to live, she will never again function as a whole person. She, as a person, has been totally destroyed. You may say, by her own hand, but Travis’ hand is definitely and totally hanging over her. I’d like to remind those who wish her dead, that Christ already suffered death for her sin…as He did also for Travis’. Pray that the Jury will find her guilty of killing him in self-defense. Too bad she did not get away from him sooner. Unfortunately, abused women rarely leave until tragedy strikes in one form or another.

    • Dee says:

      You are assuming that everything said by Jodi Arias regarding their sexual relationship is fact. We know that she has a history of lying. She may have been the sexual aggressor and Travis succumbed to temptation. We shouldn’t judge Travis without knowing his side of the story. God will judge Travis’s transgression. Man is judging only Jodi Arias’s crime against man’s laws not God’s laws.

      • mr020507 says:

        Dee, Dee, Dee……………

        Are you not listening to the countless hours of tapes, as Travis, expresses, his countless aggressive/dominating/dealing with bondage and satisfying, his, sexual appetite……..

        Do you hear, one syllable, of him, showing any concern, for her well being, or her satisfaction.

        Are you not familiar with the terms, Dominatrix and submissive…………I assure you, the submissive, never, ever, is the aggressor.

        Men, who, on a persistent and consistent manner, use their, and I do mean use, their so called girlfriend, the person they utter the words, “I love you” in such a degrading manner, as to continually come all over their face, as to mark her, as property………………Jodi, was a piece of meat to Travis.

        Travis, felt disdain and disrespected her essentially at every sexual encounter.

        Jodi, used the only currency she had and that was her body.

        Every woman, that would not “put out” for Travis, standing up for themselves and that which they held to sacred…………Travis, was down the road.

        Travis, was a sexual predator and he crossed paths with a woman, that was used to being exploited and used, that interpreted that language, as, she was of value………….because, Jodi, had what was important to Travis. That is what Jodi, brought to the proverbial table, in that relationship, which, Travis, took full advantage, of her willingness, empowering Jodi, to be involved with that group………………….

    • Terry says:

      Justice for Travis all the way! No matter what, we will never know the whole truth or the whole story. I am a true Christian, but I have faults as do everyone that walks this earth. THAT is why The Lord sent his only son to die for our sins because we ALL are sinners, but that does not give anyone the right no matter what to Shoot someone in the head, stab them 27 times AND…slit their throat. That IS NOT SELF DEFENSE! That is PURE EVIL!

    • SARAI says:

      Is such a shame that you are almost crying for poor Jodi- Jodi was no saint my dear-she was like the snake in ADAM AND EVE- and how insulting you are asking for prayers that she is found guilty in self defense-What a lacker- You should remember one of the 10 commandments
      YOU SHALL NOT KILL!!!!!!!!!!!-She kill him because she was jelous, she is a selfish person- only to herself- No remorse at ll for her crime or Travis family-She is a trash- Even if she doesnt ge the death penalty-she will die the same way Travis die- you dont killl with a knife and get kill with tooth pick!!!

    • Choppedlow says:

      Wow, are you one of the pathetic men who hope she gets free so you and Jodi can fall in love an you can be the one who protects her, or are you one of the women with cats who just likes to take the obvious wrong side to get attention? She introduced Travis to KY, to bondage, and to the rest of it. If he was half of what you say there would be a line of people for the defense to be called as witnesses to go against his character. But the fact that they can’t find ONE person to say a bad thing about him speaks volumes. She was anything but abused, used, or introduced to anything against her will. She locked on to Travis and it was either her or death. Simple as that. Or do you believe her when she says she carries gas cans to fill up in Ca to save money when she is headed to two states were gas is a buck cheaper per gallon, or where there is a gas station every 80 miles (the longest stretch)? If anyone was abused, it was Travis. He was a red blooded male who hears what society has to say about sex and how nonchalant it is, but had done a good job staying away. Once he got a freak who introduced him to EVERY THING, it becomes a drug. And if you believe he had a gun, your even stupider. Do you know how rare a .25 caliber semi auto gun is? Right now, in this time when you can’t even find ammo, .25 is about the only one you can find besides shotgun shells. There is NO way her grandpa had his stolen and then the same caliber magically killed him. You are a fool, a troll and a pathetic individual. As for this missionary talking about her, this is sort of an unusual circumstance so it would be ok to talk about it. Conversions are talked about every Sunday in church, so we are all used to it. JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS!!!!!

    • Trial watcher says:

      I agree that this an extremely tragic story and ending to what two people thought was some great gatzby romance! If either of these two had been even slightly concerned about their virginity and their vows in the LDS Church they would have went their separate ways right from the get-go. They were the worst for each other and both seemed to know this! An odd story if ever there was one and yes TRAGIC and irreversible!!

      • mr020507 says:

        Bravoooooooooooooooooooo, thank you, for being, one, of the minority, to stand tall and speak the truth.

        Had, Travis, been as concerned and committed to being obedient, to the very sacred covenants, he, willingly took upon himself…………………..as he was, in exploring his domineering fantasies and using Jodi’s body, to satisfy, every whim and urge that entered his dark head, He would still be alive…………………..you are so right.

        Travis’s lack of commitment to his beliefs in his, church, placed him, in harms way.

        Right now, Travis, is in spirit prison, stating the harshest, most poignant, self evaluating words in history, over and over and over……………………………….. “if only”

        • Celeste says:

          What about Jodi’s vow? She was educated on the LOC. She new about premarital sex. It takes 2 to tango…this isn’t all on Travis.

    • Julie says:

      I work every day with victims of Domestic Violence. it is my job. The fact is this: women are just as abusive as men, they just do it differently. But they are just as capable of fatal behavior. Furthermore, if you have any doubts that her behavior was abusive, ask yourself this: if it had been Travis who did all the stalking and lying and possessive things, had broken into her phone voicemail or lied after the murder, and it was Jodi who was dead, would anyone entertain the notion he was a victim of Domestic Violence? That he acted in self defense? To call the Abuser a victim seriously hurts decades of work by DV advocates to get TRUE victims of DV who act in self defense to be treated fairly.

    • mr020507 says:

      Turid, Bravooooooooooooooooo, for standing up and dragging the spot light, over to Travis and his responsibility.


      He was the one endowed. He was the one, bearing/holding the Melchizedek priesthood. He was the one, (if you compared backgrounds-life styles-family backgrounds-education) had the advantage……….He was the one, with the proverbial moral compass, wink wink…..

      Travis, was an incredible liar, pathetic hypocrite, extreme dark side, nothing about Travis, said that he, would stand tall.

      How does one, who proclaims to be a worthy member of the Melchizedek priesthood, lead, his quote, quote girl friend, the very woman he is taking advantage of her willingness to give her body over, simply, because, that was her only currency, that held any value, to any asshole, with a hard on, from the baptism font to his bed, just because, he can.

      He had zero respect for anything sacred in his life, as well as himself, how on earth, could he possibly show any respect for any woman…………..

      How many women testified in open court, that because of him, they had to make that lonely trip into a their bishops office to repent of the a sin so egregious, that it is next to murder. And where was the shinning night in armor, Travis Alexander.

      Moving on to another woman, with zero self-respect.

      Any woman, with an ounce of self-respect, shut him down and broke it off.

      Here is the irony of it all, for all you, Jodi, haters, out there, spouting, that if, Jodi, could not have him, no one will, wellllll, just ask yourself, when Travis crossed the proverbial veil, where do you think, every member of the LDS church goes, as an ex-communicated member of that church????

      Right into “spirit prison” Sooo, before long, Jodi will join him, there is true irony.

      All he had to do, was be obedient???

      Had he exhibited an ounce of self discipline and was true to his, sacred covenants, Travis, would still be alive today. And Jodi, would have never been in the picture.

  • WELL says:

    Well, as long as you don’t brutally murder someone I don’t think anyone would have to worry about their conversion story being public knowledge… I bet there are hundreds of stories that Jodi never wanted told but she threw away her rights when she murdered Travis!

  • pamela peterson says:

    You cannot blame it all on him. They were both responsible and will be held accountable before the Lord. This is just an example of sex getting out of hand and the consequences of breaking the commandments. There is no doubt in my mind that Jodi planned his murder and is a liar. The Book of Mormon says the Liar will be cast down to hell. Christs sacrifice can bring forgiveness and redemption but they will both pay the price, and will suffer for the breaking of the Lord´s commandments. Very sad, two young people with bright futures sold themselves to the devil!

  • Georgian g Glosser says:

    Are you people serious?

  • beth says:

    I think Jodi seduced Travis and made the sex tapes to blackmail him or expose him. Travis was 30 and Jodi was incredibly sexually experienced.
    She led him down that path IMO.

    Thank you for revealing this, fascinating insight.

    ps I don’t think Jodi’ s motives were pure,in converting. She wanted to “bag” Travis and that was part of the plan.

    • Trial watcher says:

      U may not have heard this BUT, there was a friend of Jodi’s that came forward and said that when talking to Jodi she said,”I’m dabbling in mormonism,
      “He said,”Who’s the guy,Jodi”?
      What does that tell u? it was all about nailing a new man in more way than one honey!!! LOL

  • Dorothy says:

    Actually I think this speaks volumes. Even these missionaries were intrigued by Jodi. It was all purely a fake just to try to get closer to Travis. Even they said that Jodi was the one interested in Travis and that he did not seem that into her. Ever think of the Garden of Eden? Think about it….Satan tempted Eve who tempted Adam. Just a thought.

  • kayq says:

    its “unfortunate” that’s what you have to say elder jensen? “unfortunate”…..!?! wow, I’m thinking his family thinks it’s much much much more than “unfortunate” !!!!!!!!

  • Rhonda says:

    The people on here commenting are not very nice. They should watch the trail not the HLN nuts. Travis was far from a Saint an not a Virgin either. As for as Mormon’s do you not think it is odd some of the stabbing an slashes go right hand an hand with the Blood Atonement Rituals. I am not so sure Jodi did all that. Travis had a lot of enemies sleeping an hunting Virgins to break in. Wonder why no nice Mormon young woman ever wanted to marry him ? It is very clear why now that the whole truth is out about Travis.

  • Rhonda says:

    As far as you bringing her into the Church she wanted to do that so she could be with Travis he would only date Mormon’s. An I think she loved the idea of the Mormon’s as in marrying an having children a lot of children. Travis was wrong to make her feel like he did though. True Love does not make you want to change your faith. I think it is best not to convert because of someone Else’s beliefs but because you believe it.
    Which I think deep down she must have. She did repent about her sins to a Bishop. An was going to try to get away from him. But he swayed her back one last time an it all went wrong.

  • Susie says:

    People have the wrong idea here.

    Jodi was obsessed with Travis. She has the personality disorders and lack of conscience that make her dangerous to anyone she sees as an obstacle.

    Even if Travis hadn’t had sex with her, she still would have murdered him. Maybe even sooner.

    This is NOT about a woman scorned and positively not about self-defense. It’s about a man who caught the eye of a stalker and died for it.

    People need to stop using Travis’s murder as a morality lesson because sex didn’t make Jodi kill him. Being dumped didn’t either.

    She murdered him because she is a sociopath and Travis wouldn’t give her what she wanted. If she’d been a normal person she’d have walked away. She isn’t normal and no matter what Travis did or didn’t do…..he was dead the minute Jodi Arias decided she wanted him.