Articles of News/Week of January 6th


Articles of News 

Know of any Mormons competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics? (Story Here)

What we wish we’d known before we served a Mormon mission (Story Here)

LDS bishops and same-sex marriage (Story Here)

Mormon Ex-Gay Group Shuts Down, Only To Merge With Another Just As Bad (Story Here)

How a struggling university became the of education(Story Here)

LDS CINEMA — WHAT’S COMING IN 2014? (Story Here)

Website aims to find facts behind Mormon myths, legends (Story Here)

Mormon Guitar: Dad records musical tribute for daughter with cancer in remission (Story Here)

Ask Angela: New Year’s resolution: Stop hating my YSA ward (Story Here)

5 New Year’s resolutions from the prophets (Story Here)

Melissa Harris-Perry Jokes About Mormons ‘Changing Their Minds About Black Folks Having Souls’ (Story Here)

Pamlico County Church Will Not Renew Boy Scouts Charter (Story Here)

Another ‘bumper year’ on LDS Church farms, ranches (Story Here)

Behind the scenes of Mormon missionary work in Ghana MTC (Story Here)

Drunk Mormons accused of random bashing of man on Surfers Paradise street (Story Here)

Pakistani exchange student lives with Mormon family, attends Catholic school in Pasco (Story Here)


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  • Wendy Miller says:

    Is there audio with this?

  • Tahadden says:

    About Gay marriage, for those of you too young to remember the dark days of the 1970’s when the Church restricted full participation of Blacks. There were many if not a majority of members who hated policy and spoke and wrote against it. This was not considered out of line. There where those who requested their names removed, or ordained Blacks and where ex-ed but being against the policy was not a problem. I think that these actions and articles quickened the change.

  • Chow says:

    Young High Priests that y’all described in opening exercises:

    My husband served in a bishopric for a little over two years. He is 33 and the youngest high priest in the ward. While eager to serve, I remember him being somewhat sad to leave the brotherhood of the Elders Quorum.

    He is now released from the bishopric but his Sunday meeting are not quite the same.