Inspired Guns Ep 112 The Cultural Hall



Chris Capel is a Mormon. Pioneer stock…maybe. He likes doritos. He likes Doritos A LOT. He likes them that much because it could mean that he wins 1 Million dollars (said with pinky finger to lower lip)

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The rest of this episode is about the movie Inspired Guns..

What happens when two missionaries get mistaken for mafia? Inspired Guns is in the theatre NOW!

Elder Fisher has just gotten a new companion who doesn’t seem to get what it’s all about, he’s got one week of his mission to find, teach and baptize a man he keeps dreaming about, and there seems to be something odd about these latest investigators…


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  • Marc Bateman says:

    Thanks for the shout out for us Texas listeners. I found the show (not podcast) a few months ago. Also I remember living in SLC and listening to X-96. Thanks for a fun and entertaining show.