Disney had a Gay Agenda Long Before Frozen


By now, many of you have surely seen this blog post, written by a Mormon grandmother, thoroughly detailing all the many ways that Disney’s Frozen is trying to force everybody to accept homosexuality. If you haven’t read it yet, the jist of it is this: Every second of Frozen is absolutely saturated with Disney’s pro-gay agenda.

While this controversial blog has come as a shock to many people, the only thing I find surprising is that anybody thinks this is something new! For years, Disney has filled its movies with these pro-homosexual (or, “promosexual”) themes and messages. They are trying to turn you gay and ruin your marriage. They are trying to turn your kids gay, because they don’t want you to have any grandchildren. Disney is decidedly anti-family, and they spread their influence under the guise of family-friendly children’s movies. They are the perfect example of a wolf in sheep’s clothing (do sheep wear clothing?) and they always have been. For your consideration, I present the following examples:

Tangled (2010)
-Rapunzel, the main protagonist, just can’t wait to come out of her tower (which represents the figurative “closet” of homosexuality) but is forced to stay there by her evil “mother” (society as a whole).
-The playful relationship between Flynn and Maximus (the male police horse) crosses the lines of good taste for a number of reasons.
-Magic glowing hair? A little too fabulous if you ask me.

Lion King (1994)
-The musical sequence for “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” alone features gay hippos, gay ostriches, gay zebras, gay elephants, gay giraffes, gay monkeys, gay crocodiles, gay anteaters, and a gay rhino.
-The King’s majordomo, Zazu (Swahili for “rainbow” or something, probably) is quite overtly gay. At one point, he even sings a sad song about how “nobody knows the troubles [he has] seen [as a homosexual bird in the African savanna], nobody knows [his] sorrow.” When prompted to sing something more upbeat, he first tries to sing about how “It’s a small world” (a reference to the limited options of a homosexual bird in the African savanna), then the next thing that comes to his mind is quite possibly the gayest song ever written.

The Genie couldn’t possibly be a more obvious representation of a flamboyant homosexual.
-Once again, the theme of coming out is thrown in our faces. This time, the Genie just can’t wait to come out of his lamp/the closet.
-The Sultan and Jafar, the only portrayals of heterosexual men, are presented as a bumbling idiot and pure evil, respectively. This is unmistakably an effort on Disney’s part to make us all feel silly about being straight.

Peter Pan (1953):
-Peter assembles a group of lost boys (not a dame in sight) then proceeds to prance around in tights. Tights that leave nothing to the imagination.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937):
-Disney’s first full-length film features seven flamboyant men with rosy cheeks who all live together, love to sing and whistle, and who, for reasons unbeknown even to themselves, are compelled to mine pretty jewels all day… How did we not see this from the beginning?

Other Noteworthy Examples:
-Don’t think Pixar is exempt from this either! Swap the gender of either Woody or Buzz Lightyear, and Toy Story is a romantic comedy.
-Don’t be fooled by the feminine-sounding voice and typically female name, EVE from WALL-E is a dude-bot.

As you can see, this is nothing new. Due to society’s refusal to see Disney as anything but innocent, magical, family-friendly entertainment, and also the widespread ignorance to their brainwashing techniques, entire generations who were raised on Disney movies are turning out gay. I watched my fair share of Disney’s “promosexual” propaganda in my formative years, and because of this I grew up and became the gay man I am today. It should also come as no surprise that my wife, who was raised on Disney movies, is gay as well. As a matter of fact, just last week we took our two-year-old son to see his first movie in a theater, and we made the mistake of choosing Disney’s latest homosexual-recruitment film, Frozen. When he turns out gay, we’ll know why.

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  • Steve says:

    You’ve clearly left out how flamboyantly gay Jafar is–are we REALLY to believe that he’s into women? Is there a way you can add a strong analysis of Jafar as scheming and devious homosexual to your post?

    Thanks for the reporting!

    • Michael Schooley says:

      I left out a lot, actually. I had a section about how the Little Mermaid is a transgender love story, I had a section about Mulan, I had the Jungle Book and more Pixar stuff… It’s just too easy to go on and on and on. In the end I decided to make some cuts so it wouldn’t be too excessive. Thanks for reading!

      • Ashley says:

        No, please add those! At least in the comments. This is just too good, and each story would make an excellent icebreaker with mixed company.

  • Marc says:

    Are you serious! If so this is the gayest blog I’ve ever seen!

  • Marcus Lane says:

    Genius!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • You totally missed Pumba and Timone dressing in drag and doing the Hula!

    Very good list.

  • Michael–brilliant and honestly thank you for opening my eyes to Disney’s agenda. I mean this agenda has been subtly woven in to all of my favorite Disney movies. How could I have not seen it. Fwew.

  • Victoria says:

    You totally forgot Timon and Pumba from “The Lion King.” And Timon is voiced by Nathan Lane — just the sound of his voice can turn a person! It calls to the inner gay in all of us. ;]

  • ldsara says:

    Very nice counterpoint to the original post! My only concern is increasing the traffic on her page – maybe you could use donotlink dot com for that?

  • John says:

    haha this is great I’m glad there is something out there making noise besides that awful blog

  • Mikell says:

    So that is what happened to me!? Here I was, loving these enjoyable movies, but Disney secretly was “brainwashing” me into pansexuality! We need to boycott them at once, better yet, I need to go out an spread the word of how Disney is corrupting our poor innocent children with the hidden gay agendas of their movies! Sheesh, if I would have known that if I had not watched this gay promoting smut, I would be straight, I would have thrown out my movies a long time ago! Shit, I thought I was born this way. How stupid am I?

  • Dan says:

    I’m shocked that anyone thought that Jafar was straight. Or Scar, for that matter.

  • monica says:

    Oh my heavens!!! This has to be a joke! Disney is very family oriented and is not and never will do anything that this post is claiming. The very idea of someone looking at these movies and finding all of this crap is laughable. If you need to pretend that Buzz and Woody are gay and if it makes you feel better to think that being held in a tower is some representation of staying in the closet because of society then you go right ahead. I feel bad for your sad little life.

    • Michael Schooley says:

      Actually, you nailed it. This post IS a joke. I’m glad you thought it was laughable, because that’s exactly what I was going for.

    • Jess says:

      Wait please tell me YOU’RE joking… He’s very obviously kidding. Hahaha man some people’s kids I tell ya..

  • Chris says:

    Does it get more gay than Steamboat Willy? The name alone…and then there’s the dance. If you did that dance on the stake center floor, you’d get kick/banned.

  • Greg says:

    I enjoyed reading this, and I think you make some great points about the logical fallacies behind the reasoning of the author of the anti-frozen piece. I know it’s all in fun, but I’d suggest we be cautious when being critical of others, especially saints.

    If we, as Mormons, hate it when we are made fun of, called crazy, mocked, or otherwise assaulted, imagine how it must feel to receive that sort of treatment from other mormons. I hope we can find better ways to distance ourselves from beliefs with which we do not agree than mocking and self-righteousness.

  • Jimmy Jon says:

    The only hidden agenda in Frozen is Disney’s attempt to show its hitting a cultural high point by cobbling together parts of two of its best movies, Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, and passing it off as original. I’m more fearful of seeing that one song about finishing each others sandwiches being sung at corny Mormon wedding dinners.

  • Jason says:

    I am very much pro gay and I love that anyone can be with anyone else and that is wonderful. But really some of these are stretching it. I love gay and lesibians but I do not think EVERY Disney reference is gay. Can we please be reasonable and disney is ok with gayness in alot of films but not look for it in the cases it isnt?

  • Ashlie says:

    This is just ignorant!

  • Tyler says:

    Rapunzel nor snow white are original disney characters and a genie coming out of a lamp is not an original idea from disney either. This is just some “gay witch hunt” where you feel the need to express you homophobic hateful feelings. I hope your god forgives you for how judgemental you are.

    • Michael Schooley says:

      This post is just a spoof on the lady who blogged about all the supposed homosexual references in Disney’s Frozen. It’s not serious.

  • Kathy says:

    But wait, then there is JUNGLE BOOK, Pornography…I mean, scantily clad young man running around with animals, and they sing about “The BARE Necessities!”

    Seriously, I knew nothing about dear sweet Grandmother’s blog, I don’t know where to find it, I come from a wonderful Strong Mormon family myself, my Sister is a Lesbian with major tattoos, ugh, and my Dad’s brother was also gay. Led a double life. But, you didn’t hear any of that just confessed from me. It’s not something we talk about. I’m not ashamed of either one of them, though I LOVE THEM BOTH DEARLY!
    Just for the record. JUNGLE BOOK, my all time favorite Disney movie.

    • Jimmy Jon says:

      Bagheera, representing a cultured, elderly queen on the prowl, was grooming Mowgli, and Baloo, literally a bear, was trying to find hisself a cub. It’s really a bitter love triangle they had going.

  • Wendilynn says:

    I really appreciate this post. I did not read the other blog because I saw it plastered all over facebook and I just have no desire to read that sort of stuff. However, I’m fully aware of the argument and enjoyed your response to it.

  • Drewsir says:

    This kinda seems like a desperate attempt to instill homosexual themes in these movies haha whys it such a big deal. The government does worse with the news. Gays are people too, get over it. Why don’t we focus on feeding the starving children in out country rather than protect them from the “evils of homosexuality” . Better plan.

  • Charles says:

    Dude, I’m too stoned to tell if you are serious or being sarcastic. I’m so stoned that I can’t tell if this blog post was a big scheme brought together by the mormon grandmother to get people to read her post, and I’m so stoned that I can’t tell if her post was serious or not. Either way this stuff is genius. Keep it up.

  • Scott says:

    Damned Disney – next time I return a Disney DVD to Red. Box, I refuse to rewind it.
    That should teach them a lesson. Suggest everybody do the same.
    This makes me regret my misspent Sunday nights at Grandma’s house watching the show. I had no idea the impact it must have had on her..

  • Alison says:

    The only thing Disney REALLY pushes is the notion that parents repress their children. That children know more about life than their parents and so rebellion and willful disobedience is not only acceptable, but encouraged. You should act snarky and disrespectful because your parents are idiots.

  • Amanda says:

    This is hilarious!

  • Jared says:

    Thank you for this post! That granny is insane!

  • Larry Chandler says:

    Some people are born gay, others are born stupid. Leave that poor grandmother alone. She can’t help it if her brain is defective. She saw “Frozen” three times just to be sure it shouldn’t be seen. Just like a gay man who sleeps with many men just to be sure it isn’t for him.

  • andi says:

    are you seriously blaming disney for you being gay?? pathetic! take their pro gay messages as progress

  • Wait, so Aladdin wasn’t a heterosexual male? Yes, he does show off that six-pack at every opportunity, but I think that’s a cultural thing. And Jasmine – OMG, was she a drag queen this whole time? FIERCE!!

  • Best response ever. Can’t wait to see how people misinterpret this article. I wrote my own biographic response to the same post late last night. But it’s more of a rant than a well crafted piece. Planning to clean it up and post it soon. Please, feel free to check my blog Avid Angel, if so inclined.

  • Carly Phillips says:

    My art teacher always told us in Jr high- ” Draw what you see, not what you Think you see.” If you think you see a certain angle you will see it because you have convinced yourself its there, even if its really not.

  • Lynn says:

    You have real issues. I’m speechless. I strongly urge you to seek professional counseling.

  • Brandy says:

    Are you freaking kidding me? I have never heard anything as stupid as this… CRAZY TOWN!!!

  • Nancy says:

    Well played…I hope no one takes this seriously.

  • Matt says:

    In movies, there are countless interpretations for the meaning of what is happening.

    Generally when you get a specific interpretation it is because it had meaning in your own life. So if you get “gay” interpretations, it is usually because your the one who is gay.

    Like if I was a depressed person, that tower would represent my depression, and happiness comes from leaving the tower. That can work in same way for anyone, alcoholics, wife beater, man who loses his girlfriend, any person with some kind of fright, and people who want to change etc.

    I could name dozens of interpretations for every movie ever made including “gay interpretations” if I tried. Bottom line is, if your first instinct is getting “come out of the closet” vibes from a movie, then it is probably cause “coming out of the closet” is on your mind.

  • Cole says:

    OH WOW… you’re actually being serious…

    • Michael Schooley says:

      Absolutely not. This is satire.

      • John Marinville says:

        Oh, thank God. I was reading through this and having a tough time figuring out if you were serious or not.

        I was hampered by the fact that I *just* read the Mormon grandmother’s post you referred to, and it was so completely off the wall that I had trouble reading your tone.

  • Gary says:

    You are overreaching by far with a homophobic grasp of mundane things every child has seen in my little ponies to Barbies–I can’t grasp either your fear or motivation–As a parent and as a human being I cannot begin to understand your perceptions and judgmental proclamations–

  • Anon Nymous says:

    There’s also a sick story about a supposed prophet who walks around with only male followers, they live together, bath, eat, etc. one of them actually leaves his wife in order to join this group of sick men. What’s the name of the movie….hmmm… “The passion….” something

  • Sandi says:

    Love it! Just goes to prove that anyone can read anything and twist it to their own agendas. Thanks for the laugh.

  • Brad says:

    Oh, the nerve of Disney and their disgusting propoganda. Constantly pushing their liberal-minded agenda on the poor, unsuspecting American public. They’ve been at it since the dawn of cinema. I mean Alice was clearly a lesbian trying to navigate the rough waters of bigotry, trying to find her “wonderland” of acceptance. *gag* It goes on and on throughout the years. The culmination with their latest stunt on “Good Luck Charlie” and the promosexually-drenched Frozen have led me to become an avid Dreamworks supporter. Shrek for president y’all!

  • Gretchen says:

    I sort of love you. Well, this post.

  • Jackie Borelli says:

    you didn’t mention Timon & Pumba representing gay adoption when they took in Simba as their own, but I guess you didn’t need to, everyone knows that one.

  • Mary Locke says:

    I love it! LOL Thank you for your wonderfully sarcastic commentary which I can only assume is your response to the ‘Mormon Grandmother’s’ blog.

  • Mike says:

    You left out pinnochio, Way before Murphy Brown, Mr Gippetto wanted to have a son out of Marriage… and obviously he was gay because he had a cat and a gold fish. And don’t get me started on Jiminy Cricket! talk about a flamer.

  • Devon Ellis says:

    Ouch, grandma needs to get her mind out of the gutter.

  • Amanda says:

    Ha! This is brilliant. Thanks for writing something worth reading. I agree 100%. (Don’t forget that Merida is a lesbian because she didn’t want to marry any of the straight, comme vous dites, “bumbling idiots” that were offered to her.) Keep your tongue ever-sharp!

  • Moral human says:

    This is stupid. Seriously, get a life!!!!!!!!

  • Moral human says:

    You need to get a life!!!! That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!

  • Jennifer says:

    Ya, I read that post on Frozen and thought, “really? I didn’t even think that at all, my kids sure aren’t gonna put two and two together.” I think anyone can make any “connections” to anything. I, for one, like to make Gospel connections to every movie I watch. It brings more happiness than trying to find the bad connections in every movie. She was being a little ridiculous. Thanks for a good laugh. 🙂

  • Ashley says:

    Hi, I love your post as I just watched Frozen to see about all the gayness. (I thought it was a lovely movie.) I do have to admit it took me until Zazu to really get your joke. I love how gay Disney movies are, and by this I mean happy! I think people will see what they want and your points are great! Everything can be seen as gay if you’re really looking for it. Good job!

  • Betty says:

    I was just about ready to go nuts before I saw your satire comment. It’s one thing if Disney has hidden messages, but damn .____. I was sincerely worried that you were serious.

  • Matt Chevalier says:

    I literally just finished reading the entire blog post from the Mormon grandmother. It is possible that I had a minor stroke while reading it and doing double-takes to make sure I got what she was saying. In the end, I lost quite a bit of faith for future generations, but I was so relieved and entertained to find you post and read it. Thank you for being awesome, and I wish I could give you a high-five or a hug for being clever. Feel free to hit me up for any other topic too! I’d love to give any input on other topics, especially since I am studying political science.

  • Erin says:

    You left out the gayest part of the Lion King: Simba was raised by two male “best friends” – which used to be tv code words for gay lovers 😉

  • Scott says:

    Hilarious read! Thanks for the good time. What about lightening McQueen? You don’t get any gayer than the name McQueen. He’s a completely closeted flaming homosexual. Doesn’t he eventually throw flames on him at the end of the movie?

  • Sesa Woruban says:

    This is awesome. 😀

  • Kim says:

    This made my morning! Thanks for counteracting the total annoyance I felt upon reading the crazy mormon lady post! It just made my think that some people really don’t know how to have any fun in life and can’t even enjoy children’s films! Then I read your response and had a light-hearted chuckle to myself. Of course now I’m left to wonder if I might be gay too! I’ve watched quite a few Disney films in my day! 😉

    • Desiree says:

      The serious critics we are poking fun at are weirdly obsessed with homosexuality and it has become the paradigm through which they view the world. They are frantically tilting at windmills and any kind of logical reality escapes them.

  • Jim says:

    Wow…this was damn funny – thanks for taking the time to write it. I realize now that like your family, me, my wife, and two daughters are all really, really gay. And you know…I’m okay with that too.

  • I want to see expanded sections on the Little Mermaid etc. That sounds awesome.

  • Rebecca says:

    THANK YOU! Come on, people! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but so is ugly. These shows can be interpreted any way you want.

  • Nick says:

    This was great. Thanks for writing it!

  • Steven Miranda says:

    I have no idea how anyone (especially a Mormon woman like Ms. Skaggs, not you since I know this is a satirical piece) can go to a Disney movie to be entertained and come out of the movie theater saying Disney was promoting gay lifestyles. Where in the f@#* does someone come up with that.

    My wife and I took both our daughters to see Frozen and we all came out singing the songs and talking about how cute Olaf was… and then we all came out! My wife told me she was gay – both my daughters said they were gay and even I proclaimed my gayness.

    Of course when my family says “We’re gay!” we mean we are extremely happy!

    I was 100% entertained and NEVER, I mean NEVER did it even cross my mind for a second that when the parents were telling Elsa she had to keep her magic a secret that it was the same as telling her to not come out of the closet. How freaking ridiculous is that!

    Of course my wife and I just went to see the Book of Mormon as well, so not sure I can take anything Ms. Skaggs says seriously anyways!

  • Please, oh please tell me you aren’t serious with this?

  • Mike O'Reilly says:

    And Treasure Island (1950)! All men, cooped up on a ship! Sleeping hip to hip, people! Pedophilia: Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver! (Could that be Long DONG Silver?) And during all those years on the island, what exactly did old Ben Gunn to amuse himself? I’ll tell ya, pilgrim: Onanism, is what! I mean, he went crazy flogging the old monkey, right? Had a date every night with Rosy Palms! The horror!

  • Brian Kissell says:

    Michael, thank you so much for boldly proclaiming the truth and exposing the gay agenda that is constantly being pushed in our faces!

    Seriously, that was a very funny piece of satire. I loved it.

  • Ashleigh D. says:

    I can’t decide what is funnier, the post itself or the comments of people who don’t quite grasp satire. So perfectly written and Michael, your replies to the comments are just as excellent. Truly well done.

  • Rod Greener says:

    And let’s not forget this evil Liberal agenda isn’t limited to Walt (Tinkerbell) Disney and his queer loving Movies. MGM’s The Wizard Of Oz is about drug use among other things. Take for example the scene where they are put to sleep while walking through a poppy field (Obviously Heroin/opium). Then the good witch wakes them up by sprinkling a white powder on them (cocaine!!!). Then they go to the emerald city where everything is green, the same color as weed! No wonder people watch this film with the brain-washing Satan music of Mr. Floyd Pink.

    *Michael, I’m pretty sure you got that I’m effing around but for others that didn’t. IT’S A F%#$ING JOKE!

  • Lorelei says:

    Finally read this. Never read the original but this is hilarious!! Please add your other ideas in the comments!

  • Roger says:

    Wow. So Disney is trying to eradicate the same people it depends on for its profits, Children. Even if satire, claiming you did a mission in Mexico makes me suspect my Mormon friends more than ever. You did a grave disservice.

  • Charmaine E. Pooh says:

    It’s hard to believe no one has pointed out the most obvious gay Disney movie: Monsters. I mean, seriously! There is an ACTUAL closet in that movie – with a brightly furried (yes, I made that word up) man coming out if!

  • Author Betsy says:

    The only thing funnier than this post is the amount of people that don’t realize it’s satire.

    A lot of panties getting wedged up in there today apparently

  • Wayne says:

    We’ll, it is apparent that this started with a “gay conspiracy” back with the folk lore/fairy tale authors. I.e. Hans Christian Anderson and the like. Ingenious really, that the gays planned this out so far in advance!

  • Jared says:

    This is satire right? Part of your comedy routine?

  • BI as PIE says:

    Promosexuality?! I love it. This epic article F-ing rocks, because it shows just how IDIOTIC Granny Skaggs’ post is.

    Oh, and the posts from people who don’t get that its a satire are even better to read. Job well done. I tip my feminist bi-sexual hat (a fedora of course) to you sir.

    PS – If your son ends up being gay or any LGBTQIA counterpart – now you can SUE DISNEY!!!!

  • Izzy says:

    What the heck does that mean are you a homophobic or something there’s nothing wrong with Disney supporting gay marriage …

    • Ari says:

      Well, I’m a lesbian so maybe I’m bteetr suited to respond to this. I never chose to be gay. I never wanted it. I wanted to be straight like my sisters and everyone else I knew. At a very young age I found myself attracted to women. My earliest memory of my first attraction to the same sex was when I was in the first grade. She was my teacher. However, I didn’t realize I was gay until I was 14 after I realized my friends were beginning to become boy crazy and I wasn’t. I can’t say I was born this way for certain, but I certainly didn’t choose it. I was never attracted to men. Did you sit down one day and say I think I’ll be str8 ? I’m sure you didn’t.New England Journal of Medicine

  • Jakdog says:

    I realise I am late in replying to this but I had to anyway. Oh man I loved it. My initial impression was that you were being serious. I’m doing some web research on the ‘Frozen’ controversy for a paper for school. All the rubbish I have read up to now had temporarily altered my perspectives of reality; thank you very much for rescuing me from such a dark place. Reading this paper shredded my faith in the future of humanity and then immediately restored it. Honestly you just made me feel bad for that lone gay rhino in the lion king not having a partner.

  • Unknown says:

    I really hope that you guys realize that the author of this post was being SARCASTIC the entire time! Honestly, read the last paragraph. Then read it over and over again until you understand.

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  • […] Schooley wrote this comical piece explaining, in detail, Disney’s pro-homosexual, or “promosexual,” themes in some […]

  • […] Schooley wrote this comical piece explaining, in detail, Disney’s pro-homosexual, or “promosexual,” themes in some […]

  • […] Schooley wrote this comical piece explaining, in detail, Disney’s pro-homosexual, or “promosexual,” themes in some […]

  • Jerry Beck says:

    Mr. Schooley – check out Disney’s THE RELUCTANT DRAGON (1941). He should be on your list. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFQlN6NtAtE

  • […] Schooley wrote this comical piece explaining, in detail, Disney’s pro-homosexual, or “promosexual,” themes in some […]

  • […] Schooley wrote this comical piece explaining, in detail, Disney’s pro-homosexual, or “promosexual,” themes in some […]