Mormon News Report, 14-May-2014

Mormon News Report

Programming Note: I will be travelling from 14-May until 29-May with my family. I will still be doing the Mormon News Report, it will just be a bit later in the day (most likely going up about 10AM Mountain Time). On with the report!

Mormon news Report, 14-May-2014

Top Stories

1.) The LDS Church has released a new “Gospel Topics” essay on their website, this time exploring “Peace and Violence Among 19th-Century Latter-day Saints.” The essay covers some of the tragedies that befell the early LDS church, but also examining some incidents that Peggy Fletcher Stack of the SL Tribune describes as “inexcusable” attacks of their own — including the infamous Mountain Meadows Massacre — sometimes in retaliation and sometimes in the wake of fiery rhetoric from top LDS leaders.”

2.) NewMediaRockstars looks at the popular YouTube channel Shaytard, and how Shay Carl and his family have used their online fame to further their religion. The family will be speaking at a So. Cal. LDS Church on 28-May, where they will be talking about their faith and taking religious questions from the audience. The piece brings up an ethical question that apparently plagues online “rockstars,” “Where is the line in YouTubers using their celebrity to recruit or sell to their youthful fanbase?”

3.) Janelle Griffith from Religion News Service looks at the phenomenon of the “Mormon Prom,” this time at a stake center in New Jersey. According to the piece, nearly 300 students attended the event, coming from as far away and New York and Connecticut in the past.


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  • For those of you in Bingham County, Idaho, please make sure you lock your cars during church services. Local News 8 of Southeast Idaho reports that thieves broke into 9 cars on Sunday, making off with wallets, purses, and other valuables. Windows were smashed on five of the nine cars, but the others were unlocked. Oh Idaho, how I miss you.
  • Mormons are back to cleaning, this time in the county of Kent (UK), according to KentOnline. In partnership with No Walls Gardens, a group of more than 20 volunteers from the LDS Church created a brightly colored display in the flower bed at the front of the Rainbow Centre in Rose Street, Northfleet. The project came about when church members contacted North West Kent Volunteer Centre looking for a one-off event they could be involved in locally.
  • The DesNews looks at 10 significant LDS Church history sites you may or may not have known about. Would it be too hipstery of me to say that I knew about these sites before the DesNews reported them? (The answer is yes).
  • The UK’s Guardian profiles Neil LaBute, a former Mormon playwright who’s work “Bash: A Remembrance of Hatred and Longing” (which appeared in the Dec 1995 issue of Sunstone Magazine) got him in some hot water with the LDS Church. LaBute discusses the importance of the work, his own personal faith journey, and why he decided that “[he] couldn’t live in that limbo and decided it was better for [him] not to be a Mormon than to be a ‘bad’ Mormon.”

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