First Gay Couple of Utah Ep. 135 The Cultural Hall

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  • Rob says:

    Richie, How come you didn’t ask Seth and Michael the normal ending questions, favorite part of their faith, calling their ward, etc.? It would have been interesting to hear their answers.

    • Richie T says:

      I didnt get to the questions…it was superrushed at the end. When we reschedule I will get there.

  • Chow says:

    Irritated with these folks regarding name changes. Their statements are broad and condescending. What if your husband just has a cooler last name? Why does it have to mean I’m making a statement that I’m ‘property’? REALLY offensive to point that finger…

    • Because historically that is EXACTLY WHAT IT MEANT. Historically, women have (until very recently) been property to their husbands and therefore took their last name. I’m sorry you find historical facts offensive.

      • Jimmy Jon says:

        Historical facts vary from culture to culture. South Korean women don’t traditionally take their husband’s last name; they keep their father’s. And I wouldn’t at all find Korea to be a progressive society that has a history of respecting women and regarding them as equals. In Western society, until all women give themselves new last names, and we all start giving all our kids unique last names, and carry that forward (into the utter confusion it will cause), chances are we’re all going to have some man’s last name. I don’t think this should be the clarion call of gender equality.