Articles of News/Week of July 21st

Articles of News

Belligerent Temple trespasser arrested after assaulting officers (Read Story)

Teens recall plunge over Wyoming dam (Read Story)

Ogden Temple tours to begin (Read Story)

What does the Mormon ‘temperature’ reading mean in new Pew survey? (Read Story)

Pelicans to add Jimmer Fredette (Read Story)

Mormon Church Hasn’t Budged on Gender Roles in 40 Years (Read Story)

Funeral held for slain Texas family (Read Story)

Frenchtown church vandalism still under investigation (Read Story)

Never too late: 100-year-old woman baptized into LDS Church (Read Story)

BYU-Idaho students, Rexburg residents embrace opportunities to serve following flood (Read Story)

Pioneers, former Mormon missionaries celebrate first stake, growth of LDS Church in Jamaica (Read Story)


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  • Jimmy Jon says:

    That was a funny story from Bro. Kyle. What’s coincedental about it was I’ve long had an idea for a humorous tumblr account called “Less Manly Than a Prius” and oversized pickups driven by people with desk jobs are what first inspired it. Feel free to steal the idea, anyone who reads this.