The Best Responses to the #MormonMafia

By October 27, 2016Uncategorized

Last night on Twitter the hashtag #MormonMafia started trending across the US.

It all started thanks to this tweet from Lou Dobbs.


Like a certain group of music videos from a certain musician, his tweet would have been considered some sort of bad adjective that ends with “ist” if it was about any other demographic of people.

Although the alt-right and Trump’s supporters started using the hashtag to spread their anti-Mormon message about Mormons not supporting their guy, the hashtag quickly got hijacked.

Here are some of the most hilarious clap backs to the Mormon haters.

1. This great variation on a classic meme.

2. This terrifying act of violence.

3. This Deacon.

4. This duo of death and destruction.

5. This dirty joke.

6. This baptizer OF the dead.

7. This avoider of R-rated movies.

8. This minor celebrity.

9. This group of bad hombres.

10. This Presbyterian ally.

11. This pair keeping an eye on their turf.

12. This fetching awesome movie movie poster.

13. And this OG (Original Gangster for you still earning your first teardrop tat.)

The original tweets spewing hate at Mormons was the first time in my life I almost felt like I was feeling the prosecution my seminary teacher swore I’d experience all of the time. But I’m glad to see that the message got hijacked quickly by less terrible people.

Maybe we deserve our own (((Name-thingy))) now that the alt-right hates us like they hate Jewish people but hopefully this is a one-and-done experience.

Just so you know, there is a petition to can Lou Dobs for his anti-Mormon sentiments.

You know, in case you’re interested.

Just keep this in mind when you vote.

We probably shouldn’t check our religion at the door like Ben Carson and instead follow Elder Holland’s advice.