The Best Tweets of LDSConf’s Saturday Morning

Are you saying you want some spiritual thoughts, hot takes and funny jokes from conference?

We got you fam.

Here are some of the best tweets from Saturday Morning’s 2017 Spring Session.

1.This Excellent Note Taker

Seriously, I barely have time to copy and paste tweets. How does this guy take cool looking notes like this?

2. This Cool Reminder That We’re a GLOBAL Church.

It’s really inspiring when you think about it.

3. These Feisty Sisters.

For real though, President Eyring’s talk made me want to learn Armenian so I could do that line of genealogy.

4. This Thought Provoking Question

Seriously though… I haven’t seen them all either. Let’s get every season on Netflix.

5. This Literal Application of Scripture

I wish I could watch #LDSConf in a tent. But I wish I could watch it even more from a Jacuzzi.

6. This Reminder That Bigotry, Hatred and Persecution is Always Wrong

Doesn’t matter if it’s religious, racial, sexual or anything else. Elder Renlund made it clear that’s a no go.

7. This Elder Renlund Talk Really Was Straight Fire

I wish every talk, lesson and church catchphrase was as nuanced and excellent of this talk. Don’t cherry-pick the parts of it you like, accept the whole thing.

9. This Reminder that the Devil Constantly Tries to Deceive Us

He’ll make the illogical seem logical, and the bad seem good. Don’t let it happen.

10. This Jokester

Get it…because his last name is Bragg?

11. This Great Crossword Puzzle Answer

Really though… I don’t know what this word means.

12. This Reminder That There are Better Sources of Light than the #TwitterStake

Really though. Sometimes it’s best to log of Twitter for a hot minute and read our scriptures or something.

13. These High-quality Notes

Really though…I want to see more of this.

14. This Reminder of What Our Focus Must Be

So many of us have principles or beliefs that become our pet projects in the church. We shouldn’t allow those principles to cause us to lose sight of what’s most important.

15. Really Though Christ Lets Us See the Forrest and Not Just The Trees

Don’t ever forget what’s most important.