The Best Tweets of 2017’s Spring Sunday Afternoon Session

1. This Slow Opening Hymn

You’re killing me smalls!

2. This Old Testament Love

Really though. We Mormons don’t use the Old Testament nearly enough imo.

3. …I Don’t Actually Know What This Is


4. These Elder Christofferson Truth Bombs

Some of us need an Elder Holland talk and some of us need an Elder Christofferson talk.

5. This Endorsement of Flirt To Convert

In the end, Elder Costa put a ring on it…and got baptized.

6. This Shrimp On The Barbie

But really… that accent.

7. This explanation of the Holy Ghost

It’ always appreciated to know we’re not alone.

8. This Short ROundup

Elder Hoyos’ talk was nice and simple and I’m thankful for that.

9. This Malcolm Gladwell Reference

If it’s important then it should be obvious by our actions.

10. This Factoid That We’ll All Have Trials

Really though, it can be tough for everyone.

11. This Advice That Can Help Us in Times of Trouble

Sometimes we need to hear that bad times aren’t because we did something wrong.