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Meet Greg Trimble, the California man behind the viral Mormon blog

In recent years, Greg Trimble’s blog posts in defense of the LDS Church have been read by millions. But at age 21, Greg Trimble wasn’t an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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The beginning and the end of ‘The Krakens’ through the eyes of its creator

Have you ever felt that Mormon art was “stuck in a rut?” Have you ever thought that you’re seeing the same 20 paintings in every church building? Do you know the name of even one LDS artist?

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This Provo boy’s lemonade stand still shines during spring break thanks to his sister’s help

Zack Francom started his own pop-up lemonade stand in Provo almost eight years ago, and it’s still receiving national attention.

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New LDS temple in France opens to the public

A temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in France is a dream come true for French Mormons, who have waited decades for a house of worship in their country.

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UVU’s Holland should run for Congress, supporters say

UVU President Matthew Holland spent his career as a professor preaching the importance of political involvement. Now local politicos are asking Holland to practice what he preached.

With Utah’s 3rd Congressional District up for grabs (Rep. Jason Chaffetz announced this week that he will not seek re-election) Utahns are striving to curate a superlative candidate pool of both Republicans and Democrats. And as a potential candidate, supporters believe that Holland doesn’t merely make the grade—rather, he receives highest honors. The only problem for would-be boosters: Holland is feverishly focused on his day job, running Utah’s largest university. Apart from exhibiting a skill-set that some feel is needed in Washington, D.C., Holland has done nothing himself to stoke political speculation about a potential candidacy. But given Holland’s civic-minded ethos, admirers believe they can cajole him into launching a bid.

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Why Everyone Loves This LDS Dad’s Perfect Response to 6-Year-Old Daughter’s Accident

Few things are as mortifying as having an accident at school, as Ben Sowards’s 6-year-old daughter had the misfortune of finding out. Ben’s wife, Connie Sowards, told him about the accident after his daughter had called home crying and asked to go home.

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Mormon church donates $120,000 to help victims of child abuse

On behalf of the Mormon church, four female leaders donated $120,000 on Thursday to community centers in Utah to expand medical services for children who have been abused.

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10 Crucial Questions Every Mormon Should Ask Their Fiance Before Marriage

Wedding season is here. The weather is warming up and the invitations are increasing. And while this is a great time to excitedly anticipate starting a new family, it’s also a crucial time for you to keep building a strong foundation for that family.

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