Zack’s Shack Ep. 228 The Cultural Hall

By May 4, 2017episode

If a 6 year old boy and his lemonade & cookie stand can provide a powerful example of awareness to a community and teach the power giving, service and love…imagine the impact that we ALL could do together in providing support in furthering his cause, which is to assist and provide wheelchairs to kids and adults who cannot afford them.  This basic human function of walking, is something that many of us take for granted each and everyday. I encourage you to go watch the short YouTube video clip entitled, “Zack’s Shack“, where you will see this young boys dream to help those in need and learn that …it feels great to give!  This will be Zack’s 8th year running his small lemonade & cookie stand. The community, local business, neighbors, family, friends and even kind strangers all continue with their support to his noble cause.  Zack will be turning 14 this summer and wants to increase the success of his charity.  He is a great kid, who has a big heart.

So far, after 7 years, Zack’s small charity continues to gain notoriety, support and encouragement from many people. Magazines, internet, social media and word of mouth have been the grass root effort to get his dream out to the public. Every year we continue to hear of people who want to meet Zack who are inspired by his love to give to those less fortunate.  As of June 2016, Zack has purchase over 300 wheelchairs by selling lemonade and homemade cookies on one Friday & Saturday each year around spring break out in front of his family’s home. Through your help, Zack can have the ability to reach out and bless the lives of so many individuals.   You could be the one thing to speed up his goals that he has set for himself and his charity.

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