Mauli Bonner Ep 312 The Cultural Hall

By March 29, 2019episode

Mauli B. is a grammy award winning songwriter, who for the past ten years, has been one of the most sought after vocal directors in the music industry. His client list consist of Ariana Grande, Katie Perry, Fergie, Ke$ha, and many others.

Mauli is also a member of The Bonner Family and is currently writing their first full length Album. After composing the score for Jane and Emma and performing with his family at the B-One celebration commemorating the 40th anniversary of the priesthood being restored to all men, Mauli decided it was time to learn more about the early black pioneers. He began meeting with historians and was directed to read over 1000 pages of historical content within a month. Reading turned to writing and by the end of that month Mauli had a screenplay in his hand and phone calls to make. Green Flake’s story is an untold piece of American history. This African-American slave served The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, driving the first wagon into Utah territory, thus gaining great respect and more importantly his freedom.

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