April 2019’s General Conference Twitter Round-up – Sunday Morning


This honest admission.

This short story

This pun

This added bit of nuance

This short summary

This mustached man

This truth bomb

This astute observer

This great concept

This comforting message

This need for added perspectives

This great actress

This small, accommodating act

This reminder

This bit about geneology

This reminder about moms and dads

This two-times a year our hymns don’t sound like funeral dirges

This account that shows that Latter-day Saint Twitter isn’t much different from NoMo Twitter

This NEEDed tweet

This call to BE and DO better

This throwback

This example of an Apostle finding doctrine from uncorrelated sources

This Snapple Fact

This comparison

This (as of writing this) probably unnecessary hype

But, really… calm down

This nod to the Prophet’s wife

This reminder that even professionals get emotional

This sad story

This honest question

This important message that we can’t do it on our own

This rockin’ meme

These… four words