Richard T. Steadman, Founder

IMG_1189-bw-150x150Known around Zion as “Richie T,” the producer and Mormon voice of X-96’s popular “Radio From Hell” show. He always knew he was destined for entertaining people.

After serving a mission in Cleveland, Ohio, his love of the theater, fine arts and people led him to Southern Utah University where he majored in theatre and was also voted Mr. SUU. He’s now been with X96 for ten years (unless you’re reading this bio three years from now). In 2010, he became a husband and father. A year later the house was born. Richie spends his free time with his wife and son gardening, running marathons and acting in various local plays and musicals.

The thing he loves most about his faith is CHURCH HISTORY – seems like he can’t get enough of early Church history. He loves people, the gospel and sharing his take on current Mormon-culture events. The Cultural Hall is a perfect fit for him.

Lindsay Aerts, host

FB_IMG_1444688624227As I life-long member of the church growing up in Maine, I was raised in a part-member home. My dad is not a member and my mom is. Wanting to come to the “motherland” I came to the great state of Utah in 2002 and studied broadcasting at Utah State University. 

I met my husband Austin in 2009 and we were married about a year and a half later. In 2014 we welcomed our  baby girl Lucy and what a roller coaster that has been. A wild roller coaster no one prepared me. for
Professionally I have worked in radio my entire career on stations from active rock to pop to county and I’m currently the host of The Mom Show on KSL Newsradio which airs Sundays at noon.

BreAnne LeRoy Mawhinney, host


BreAnne is a mother of two amazing children and has a love for media. Her day job is a banker, which fortunately she also loves (even though Richie told her that, as a banker, he is bored just sitting next to her). She currently lives in Saratoga Springs, Utah, but grew up in Orangeville, Utah, which is usually described as Emery Country. Don’t ask her why she describes her roots as a county rather than a town, but a few of us have our ideas. If she finds any spare time, she enjoys being with her family, anything competitive and vacationing.

BreAnne received her associate degree from Dixie State College, went to one semester at SUU (where she met Richie and Rob), and finished her bachelor degree in electronic communication with a minor in business at the University of Utah.

She is extremely excited to have a small part in contributing to The Cultural Hall. She loves the gospel and enjoys talking about it! She’d like to thank her amazing husband and children for putting up with her.

Matthew Jelalian, writer


Matthew Jelalian is a Detroit native who studied Journalism at BYU. He’s a blogger for the Cultural Hall and has written in the past for the Daily Herald, Deseret News National, Universe, BYUPR, and the Student Review. His current calling is Gospel Doctrine teacher. He owns a complete set of the Journal of Discourses and Church History but rarely has/makes time to read them and instead wastes too much time on social media.

Rob Ferre, host

utah headshot photographer-2e

Rob Ferre aka “DJ Rob” is one of the longest tenured members of The Cultural Hall family. He was born and raised LDS in Salt Lake City, UT. After graduating from East High (of High School Musical fame), he served his mission to the Canary Islands in the Spain, Las Palmas Mission. He next attended Southern Utah University in Cedar City where he met Richie T. Little did he know that relationship would change his life forever.

At SUU, Rob was involved in student-produced programming on the university’s radio and TV stations, including hosting “SUU Live,” the number one rated TV talk show in its time slot in Cedar City. Shortly after graduating, Rob moved to Orlando where he worked for  Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Nickelodeon.

Upon returning to Utah in 2006, DJ Rob started Life of the Party, a mobile DJ service specializing in music and DJ entertainment for special events, including weddings, corporate events, bar/bat mitzvahs and, of course, LDS church dances. You may often hear DJ Rob promoting his business and waxing strong about the environment in Articles of News. DJ Rob married his sweetheart, Larissa, affectionately known as the “Wife of the Party,” in 2013.

Kristin Hodson, writer

Kristin Hodson 1Kristin Hodson is Co-Founder of the soon-to-launch website Sex Made Simple, is Founder and Executive Director of The Healing Group mental health clinic in Salt Lake City and Co-Author of the book Real Intimacy: A Couples Guide for Genuine, Healthy Sexuality (Cedar Fort 2011). She has spent over three years exclusively studying human sexuality learning from the best across the country. One of her favorite things to do is bridge things that don’t seemingly go together like sex and religion. In fact she was once hired to speak at a Valentine’s corporate event and was given these parameters: “We will have Mormon Bishops to people who swing. Make it work.” And make it work she did. She’s often asked to speak in the community and religious groups because of this. She has a unique ability to break down the topics of sexuality into easily digestible pieces empowering people to further develop their sexual identity, hone their sexual values, improve their communication around sexuality all with the intention to improve people’s relationships with themselves and others. She’s approachable, relatable and has a light sense of humor around something that often feels intimidating or heavy. She has been an expert speaker national trainings led by Sex Therapists Dr. Gina Ogden and Tammy Nelson, has contributed to, Women’s Day Magazine, The Deseret News, was a regular guest on the x96 on the Radio From Hell show taking live calls on sex and intimacy and has regularly appeared on KSL’s Studio 5, on KUTV 2 news.

Janaemanite, host

Janae was born in Utah Valley as the daughter of a professional athlete and devoted stay-at-home mother.  She has been a member of the LDS church her entire life and comes from a long line of devout Mormons dating back to handcart pioneers.

Janae grew up playing sports, singing around the country and eventually the world, and dancing competitively.  She attended BYU and graduated with a degree in Interior Design & Ballroom Dance in 2008.  She is an extremely loyal Cougar.  In Sept of 2008 she and her husband were married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.

Janae is a devoted mother to her two young boys. When not caring for her children, she works as a bridal consultant and wedding florist for Diamond Tip Design.  She currently serves in the young women’s presidency of her ward.  In her spare time she enjoys running, sewing, baking, going dancing, and has recently become a committed triathlete.

Brother Kyle, host

kbio-150x150.jpgKyle, although born in southern California, was raised in Centerville, Utah, and still resides in the general area. Kyle’s “real job” is a laundry list, He sells bikes priced more than most cars, and cars prices less than some bikes. He also works as a group fitness instructor at 4 area health clubs. Yes, a used car salesman and an aerobics instructor… his parents are so proud. As an avid cyclist and triathlete, he spends an unbalanced amount of time riding a bike, swimming, and running, all activities that nearly kill him on a yearly basis.
Born and raised in the LDS Church, Kyle had a few years of inactivity in the late 80’s (wow, he’s old) but thankfully came around. Kyle has been very fortunate to have parents and four amazing siblings who have always been close as a family and always loved him, even with all the aforementioned.
Kyle is the eldest member of The Cultural Hall podcast. He also has the most jobs, is an Eagle Scout (yes really) and is the only one that is homeless, since April of 2011. Diversity and adversity build character… right? He has been involved in radio off and on over the last 20 years, which is how he met Richie T (and Carol Channing, google her). A single father of one, his son is the rock in his life and the reason for everything. Although years of misfortune and hard times have all but drained every ounce of compassion and humanity out of him, his son has brought it all back. However, he still doesn’t trust women.
I love being a part of The Cultural Hall. I always look for things to try to strengthen my faith and good people to be around, but I do The Cultural Hall podcast anyway. I’ve been told I joke around WAY too much and in general don’t take things very serious but my faith I do. It’s something I can look at from someone who has been on both sides of the fence. And, it’s one of the few things in this world I believe wholeheartedly in.

Lindsay Titus, writer

lins temple

Like Nephi in the Book of Mormon, Lindsay Titus was born of goodly parents and was born and raised in the sunny state of California and later moved to the ‘bubble’ which she now considers home.

During her younger years she struggled in a near death battle with addiction and it was this very experience where she realized the fight was not only for her life but for her soul. Lindsay fought ferociously and has overcome addiction one day a time by calling upon the powers of heaven and leaning upon her loved ones.

She completed the substance use disorder counseling program at Utah Valley University, as well as helped open and directed a gospel focused treatment center for women only where she thrived. Lindsay takes pride in her two beautiful children and is devoted to spending her probationary days on this earth in the service of her God and helping others break free from the chains of addiction.

Lindsay Titus can be found on facebook as Mormon Face of Addiction

Tyler Harper, writer

064 (5)Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Tyler is as red and white (pale, really) as the Canadian flag. Tyler loves his tan American wife, Terrah. Movies; trivia; movie trivia; and hockey are Tyler’s “cups of (herbal) tea”. He holds the Harper household record for the most STAR WARS-to-hockey segues in one conversation. Tyler currently serves as a home teacher, nursery leader, and MC of various ward functions. His 6-year-old and 3-year-old sons think it’s funny when Tyler falls asleep in the basement. That’s when they steal his iPhone.


Nick Galieti, writer


Nick Galieti is an experienced podcaster as both producer/host of The Good Word Podcast, and was named the recipient of the 2015 John Taylor: Defender of the Faith Award by FairMormon for his podcasting effort with that organization. Nick has directed and produced two documentaries on the life of Joseph Smith Jr., Picturing Joseph, and Murder of the Mormon Prophet.

Nick is also a published author of the books Tree of Sacrament, and The Exaltation Equation. A past guest of The Cultural Hall (click here to listen), Nick now contributes as co-host of The Cultural Hall Book Club Podcast, and writes regularly for the blog. Nick was born in Southern California, and served a mission to the Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Nick is a freelance sound engineer of over 15 years, is married, has 5 daughters, and now lives in West Valley City, Utah.

Molly Mormon, host

Jenny Eckton

Molly Mormon’s name is Jenny Noonan Eckton. Born in New York and Catholic, her parents were baptized when she was very young, but went inactive after her own baptism. Jenny began attending church on her own at age 12.

At age 19, Jenny moved to Provo to play bass guitar and sing in a band (yes, really), and was married within a year. Almost 18 years later, she got divorced. She’s the mom of six kids—5 Alive, 1 in Heaven—ranging in age from 16 to 7.

Jenny is a writer and social channel manager for Wake Up World Communications, a digital communications and strategy agency focused on social action campaigns. A blogger and presenter at conferences and events (e.g., BlogHer, RootsTech, Evo, Listen To Your Mother) since 2005, her work with the United Nations Foundation has brought her to Uganda and to Washington, D.C. to lobby on Capitol Hill. Jenny also runs a small cooking business, is an actor, and a certified Zumba instructor.

Just Joni, host and writer

IMG_1865“Just Joni” Haws is a host and writer for The Cultural Hall, as well as Club President of the Book Club. Raised in Cache Valley, Utah, she and her family have moved around the county and have now laid down roots in the only city in the world with two LDS temples. When not looking for the chronically missing shoes of her three kids, she’s usually buried in a book, a blanket, or both. She uses her degree in English Literature to assure (delude?) herself that she’ll be a real-life author someday, and will surely achieve her goal if watching puppy videos online is any indicator of success. She belts hymns, rock ballads, and show tunes indiscriminately and is an advocate of telling it like it is, being a woman, mental illness awareness, and correct usage of the word “literally.” She thinks God is pretty cool and is super into her husband.

Brandt Malone, Mormon News Report

Brandt Malone

Brandt Malone, the “Mormon Newsman,” is the Editor in Chief of the Mormon News Report. Brandt is a second-generation lifelong Mormon from Detroit, Michigan. Both of his parents were converts, so Brandt has been the “first” for all things Mormon in his family. Brandt served his mission in South Korea, and still longs for the subtle nuances of kimchi and fried rice, along with sleeping on the floor. Brandt met his wife in typical BYU-fashion while playing a rousing game of Ultimate Frisbee, and they were married in the Mt. Timpanogos temple a year later. He graduated from BYU-Idaho in Business Finance, and currently works in the automotive sector while preparing for graduate school.

Erock Fluke, writer

image1Born and raised in Utah County, Eric Fluckiger grew up a member of the LDS church. He served a mission at the age of 19 and was called to South Carolina where he met his first wife. Upon completion of his mission, Eric returned to Utah and enrolled at UVSC (UVU), then later the University of Utah to complete a bachelors degree in psychology.  He moved back to South Carolina to pursue a masters degree at Clemson University in clinical mental health counseling. Before he and his wife reached their 10 year anniversary, many years of conflict and hardship ended their temple marriage. Eric is now happily remarried to his beautiful wife, Lindsay, and their 5 kids which include: his daughter, two stepdaughters, their new son, a niece and their toy poodle, Beckham. Eric spends the majority of his day keeping kids from killing each other, and the house from burning down. Eric enjoys counseling inmates at the county jail where he works as the clinical counselor for their county’s mental health department.  Eric pens his story for The Cultural Hall under the name “Not Quite Enos.”

Carli Warr Mortensen, Pinterest Manager and writer


Carli lives completely surrounded by Native American reservations in Middle-of-No-Where, New Mexico, with her husband of 10 years and 2 rambunctious 5-year-old sons, who are not twins. She was born and graduated high school in Salt Lake City, but she spent 16 years in between living in Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas with the majority in Houston. Being raised in the Church, Carli is grateful that it’s the same wherever you live.
Carli studied journalism at Southern Utah University where she was the editor-in-chief of the SUU Journal. As a freelancer, her technical writing has been featured in national magazines, online and in industry newsletters (of which you have probably never heard, unless you are a contractor or homeopathic health professional). She occasionally works for some of her husband’s companies as the operations manager and media guru, but mostly loves staying at home with her Irish twins and occasional foster kiddos.
In addition to writing, Carli enjoys hiking, rock climbing, four-wheeling, playing the cello, and reading or listening to audio books. She collects cookbooks and enjoys reading them more than cooking. Oh, and she absolutely loves Pinterest.

Crystal Nichols, Pinterest/Graphics

375190_2216734990586_116633657_nCrystal Nichols was born and raised in the LDS church, though there were struggles in her life she never stopped believing! She has lived in Utah her WHOLE life except a short stint of 18 months she spent in San Bernardino, California servin’ the lord!

She was recently hitched in 2014 to her awesome, supportive husband Doug. They have one Bunny who is adorable and is spoiled rotten. She went to the one and only true school, University of Utah. GO UTES! What a heathen, I know, there she learned about New Media and before that graduated from SLCC in ASL Interpreting.  You can find her working her life away as an Assistant to all at Broadway Media. If she is not there you can find her at the local gym pumping iron and doing Zumba or various Comic Cons Cosplaying different characters. She is excited to do graphics for the TCH team!

Kate Lyon Lundquist, bossy pants


Kate thinks she is the only, only-child in the Mormon religion and therefore everything is and should be about her. Her husband shouldn’t agree, but he does.

Being somewhat of a gypsy, former habitats include:  Washington, Iowa, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon. Kate was a Molly Mormon growing up, yet somehow she still managed to get kicked out of a Church school freshman year. Nine months later when she received a mission call to Bristol, England she begged her mom to send a copy of it to the dean to prove that even heathens who broke curfew too many times loved the Lord.

When she isn’t working her day job at the Church Office Building, keeping TCH Staff organized, serving with her favorite non-profit Musicians in Motion, working on her BYU-I online degree (yes, they let her back-in), or teaching Primary with her very good-looking Louisiana husband, she is contemplating babies and trying to convince God that she is ready to be mom. The couple is currently 2 cats and counting.

Dylan Mazziotti, Graphic Designer

Dylan Mazziotti

Dylan grew up in Vernal, Utah, for most of his childhood and was very active in the Church and boy scouts. He is an Eagle Scout.

He went on to get 2 associate degrees in the graphic design industry and enjoys helping small businesses grow. He is currently inactive. LENNON DESIGN

Luis Merino, Graphic Designer


Luis is very proficient in a variety of multimedia technology ranging from graphic and web design to video editing and motion graphics. In addition to various freelance projects, Luis is currently working full-time as a Rich Media Developer for the Marketing department at Dallas Community Colleges. Within the church, he has served in the Elders Quorum, Sunday School, and his absolute favorite, Primary (which includes the nursery). Having recently returned to Texas, he and his wonderful Brazilian bride of seven years, are the proud parents of two adorable and spunky girls. In addition to being a husband and father, Luis is a full-time geek, design enthusiast, and amateur Simpsons historian.

Michael Schooley, full-time twitter manager, part-time blogger

IMG_1781-150x150.jpg As the least important member of The Cultural Hall team, Michael realizes that nobody cares to read his lengthy bio.



Scott Duehlmeier, Twitter

ProfilePicProud Dad of three awesome kids & grateful husband to one wife. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, but knows that world extends beyond the Wasatch Front. Loves the University of Utah and the Utes, the Boston Red Sox, Utah Jazz, Green Bay Packers and ReAL Salt Lake.

When Scott isn’t at his desk at Workfront, he most likely can be found at the local super market or gas station making a “Proper Drink Run” or PDR.


Wife of the Party, writer

58832908-PNP_Headshot0877Larissa Villers Ferre is a born and raised, corn-fed Ohio mormon.  She graduated from BYU in Public Relations – Communications, which lead her on adventures working in New York City and Utah in various positions from Project Manager to Event Coordinator. Currently, she works for DJ Rob and Life of the Party Entertainment.  She has been performing since the age of three from Ohio to Florida to California, and can now occasionally be found on stages throughout the Salt Lake area as a performer or choreographer.



Anna Thorley, Instagram


Anna is your Instagram girl—full of extra info from the podcast, iNsPiRaTiOnAl QuOtEs, and the occasional Mormon Meme. Anna grew up in Centerville, Utah, but has spent the majority of the last few years in Logan, Utah, where she recently graduated from Utah State in broadcast journalism not Summa Cum Laude, but Thank You Lordy. Along the way, she met her husband (who might be hotter than Lindsay’s husband according to Richie) and they got married in June of 2013. Anna has been a fan of The Cultural since the Jenna Kim Jones episode and feels privileged to be a part of the Hall.


Conor Hilton, writer

MeBrighamCapitolConor hails from the booming metropolis of Idaho Falls, ID although he spent the first six years of his life in Massachusetts, just outside Boston. He studies English and political science at the Lord’sBrigham Young University, but will shortly be heading off to the great beyond to pursue a PhD in English Literature and enter the (in)famous Ivory Tower (*fingers crossed*). Conor served a mission in Lithuania, speaking (you guessed it!) the highly useful language of Lithuanian. He loves to read and write (shocking, I know) as well as watching films (and he’s a bit of a snob, as the use of “films” in place of “movies” suggests). Conor has a vast store of largely useless pop culture trivia knowledge and enjoys adding to it. He is one of those oft-bemoaned young single adults about to cross the threshold into “menace to society” territory. Conor also has a personal blog, for those of you that can’t get enough of him here.

Briton Cannon, writer


Mountain man is a term that gets tossed around pretty loosely these days. So does lumberjack. So why not use them to describe Briton Cannon? Born in raised in Salt Lake City, Briton (pronounced Brit-on not “Brighton”; look it up in the dictionary) grew up in a family of 10 children. He graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in journalism that’s totally paying off in spades. Utah provides endless outdoor adventure so naturally Briton paddles the ponds in Summer and skis the slopes in Winter. His lumberjack street cred comes from his lumbering size (6’5”, 300 lbs.), gruff exterior (he often has food in his beard), and extensive flannel accessories. This front makes many uneasy, which is likely why he’s still single. In the meantime, he keeps his child-rearing skills in check by throwing one or two of his 23 nieces and nephews on his back for pony rides at family gatherings.

Tyson Pulsipher, writer

Tyson Pulsipher

Tyson grew up in Mesquite, NV where there was really nothing to do but watch tumbleweeds grow. In addition to his love for tumbleweeds he became actively involved in athletics, performing, drama, and student government in high school. Tyson served a mission in the Philippines where he learned the true meaning of the word “humidity.” To this day he continues attempting to replicate delicious Filipino food to no avail. In college he was a member of SUU’s historic performing group “Acclamation”; wherein he traveled the world performing in many prestigious places like New York City, England, Germany, The Czech Republic…. and Winnemucca, NV. After taking a few victory laps he finally graduated from college with his degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Tyson works in the Academic and Community Outreach department at Dixie State University in sunny St. George Utah. He enjoys the outdoors, power-sports, cooking, athletics, working around the house, but mostly eating. He currently resides in Hurricane, UT with his smokin’ wife Shawnee, and their two sons; Benson 5, who recently decided he wants to be a cat when he grows up; and Tandon 3, who recently, or rather finally, graduated to “big boy” underwear.








RL, the shadow dweller


RL is an anonymous writer for the Cultural Hall.  For most of her life, she rocked at being a perfect Mormon including graduating from BYU, serving a mission, getting married in the temple, and multiplying and replenishing the earth. Then one day her husband shared his doubts about the church and all she “worked for” seemingly disappeared. That’s when she decided to share her journey with the Cultural Hall. For her, it’s all about simplifying (thanks for the talk Elder Uchtdorf) and prioritizing.
She represents the back rowers and the no goers. Though her approach to Mormonism has changed, she still loves being part of the Hall. Her current calling is a self-appointed one- writing pieces for the Cultural Hall that make cafeteria and cultural Mormons feel welcome. She also likes cats.
The Cultural Hall podcast has an Articles of News at the beginning of the week and an episode at the end, which features Mormons of note or a topic. Blogs, including refreshment recipes, are available here on our website. We focus on LDS life and culture, and shy away from matters of deep doctrine.

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