What is it with Mormons and A Capella Groups?


Way to go Vocal Point (an A Capella group from Brigham Young University). Papa’s in the ice box looking for a Ginger Ale! See if you catch it. The show is on Monday nights on NBC and it appears as though our “boys in blue” have made through to another week of competition.

What is it with Mormons and A Capella groups? Anyone?


Have you ever tried to name an A Capella group. I think its harder than naming a child. There is certainly less pressure. If a kid doesn’t like their name they can change it on their 18th birthday. But an A Capella group. Thats a lifetime commitment. You have to think about screaming fans shouting your name.  I was in one an a capella group in high school called “The Sugar-Daddies”. I think we sang one talent show and that was it. Though as my memory begins to come back to me, I think that I had us booked at some Coca-Cola Christmas concert but we bailed from it  because we couldn’t take the pressure.


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