Happy New Year from Sis. Tobias



AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! GUESS WHAT?!!!! OUR MISSION MADE OUR BAPTISM GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE BEEN PRAYING EVERYDAY TO ACCOMPLISH IT!!!! And last night we got the text that met it! 400 souls entered the waters of baptism this year!!! On MOnday we were 5 people short who didn’t have a date. Can you believe that?! We got 5 people baptized who didn’t even know they were going to be baptized earlier that week. I know that after everything you can possibly do, Christ makes up the rest! 🙂 We prayed last night for an hour about how we many we are going to baptize for next year. We decided 550 is our goal! And I personally want to baptize 12 of those. More if possible!!! But I will promise to find 12 as my New Years Resolution. 🙂 I’m so excited to see it happen! 🙂 🙂

I sure hope you enjoyed Christmas as much as I did! Although, I’ve gotta be honest, it felt like another Tuesday….probably because everyday feels like Christmas when you’re on a mission! Dinner at someone else’s house, service, Christ-focused thoughts, and a happy spirit around you! 😉 We sang in the Hospital and visited tons of people. We ate at a Chinese restaurant with 2 investigators! Haha because they didn’t have anyone to eat Lunch with either. 🙂 Skyping my family was SO FUN!!! My parents and sister are hillarious!! Skyping was highly anticipated and It was not disappointing when I saw them. 🙂

TRANSFERS!!!!!!!! WOOOT WOOT!!! I cried really hard when I had to leave my “home” in Mini-Chicago “Peoria, Illinois!” Mostly because I would miss out on teaching Ken, Kedrick, Kelly, and the Parks Family more, as well as seeing LOIS get baptised on Saturday… :S But Also because I love the area so much. HOWEVER!!! I got transferred to Bettendorf, Iowa!!! 🙂 I’m 4 minutes away from the MIssissippi River!! Are you jeoulous!? Hehe 🙂 I love it!! IT’s GORGOUS!! My companion’s name is Sister Maggart and she is from Allen, Texas! She’s also Gluten intolerant!!! Am I lucky or what? 😉 So it makes it easier for both of us. I am her second companion and I”m only a transfer ahead of her.

This week was so sad though….she has had migranes for the past 3 months and can’t get anything to get rid of them. Friday night they were so bad that she was bawling, couldn’t talk, or walk and just sat curled up in a ball. So we called President and he told us to go to the Emergency Room. It was the longest ride of my life! :S We had members waiting with us until 4 Am when we finally got to go home. 🙂 After 8 hours of this intense pain, the CT Scan didn’t find anything. She’s really discouraged and it’s sad to see. 🙁 But we are trying our very best to keep her here!!!!! Please pray for her. 🙂

The ward is incredible and I feel really happy here! I’m sure the investigators will pick up once we can get Sis. Maggart feeling better.
Stay safe! And limit that Martinelli drinking and driving on New Years Eve, okay? 🙂
Lots of loves,
Sister Tobias 😉