Letters From the Field-Sis Tobias #27


Hey friends!

Tapscotts are soaking in the gospel!! We love them! Yesterday they came to church and DEFINITELY felt the spirit! we went over to their house to take them a thank you note and they had tons of questions for us. 🙂 We took our less active members and investigators some cinnamon rolls to get them to church…and it’s working!! yay for desserts. My mom taught me well about winning people over with food!! 🙂

We had a fun time with a Relief Society Sister in our ward who is litterally on FIRE with misisonary work. She probablly calls us every morning to see if she can come out with us. 🙂 (See picture of lady in purple) Her and Her husband joined the church before the blacks could have the priesthood and were completely understanding of it. Her husband said he knew all along that one day he’d receive it. He’s amazing to take to teaching appointments with us to help our colored investigators see how inviting the church is and NON-PREJUDICE Christ is. 🙂

On the other side of the rainbow, An elderly couple just flat out told us that they don’t like missionary work at all. Haha. So we talked to them about their ancestors and how they can take their friends to do family history work, and it’s really that simple. They all of the sudden lit up and realized that doing missionary work isn’t always about teaching people about the Law of Chastity…[that’s always not the most comfortable topic, right ;)] but it’s about being people’s friends. Once they feel the spirit of their ancestors pulling them to the temple, they’re going to want to make steps to GO to the temple!! 🙂 🙂 By the end of the lesson, they actually agreed to let us teach their granddaughter in their home!! WHOOO! Honestly, that was a huge highlight from my week.


My new trainee and I had a really hard week with some rough breakdowns…She’s struggling with depression. Poor thing. I feel really bad for her. We don’t get very much comp. study done because she has so much doubts and doesn’t feel like she knows any of the doctrine. I told her some advice that my new cousin-in-law gave me, “Sometimes crap makes the best fertilizer” So just try it anyways. 🙂 We’ll never be able to convert someone with the little knowledge we have! It’s nothing we say, it’s all about the spirit touching them. 🙂 We will keep on trekking on.

Okay I’ve always gotta include a “Silly Sister Tobias Moment” in my emails…because I just GOT TO keep laughing at myself so it’s not so stressful. 😉 I saw some SUPER cute $4 high heeled boots at Good Will that I can wear as a missionary! So everyday I try to match them with my outfit somehow. However, I realized too late that it’s icy outside!! And I’ve slipped in the snow 5 times already! Haha 🙂 twice this morning in fact. The picture is where I slipped and tore my coat. I would stop wearing the shoes, but slipping in the snow is just too fun! It’s the closest thing missionaries get to sledding without breaking the “No Winter Sports” rule. 😉
Pictures are the before and after apartment room pictures. 🙂 See how blessed we are now? 🙂

Okay, well! Next week we’ll have some great miracles coming!