Tattooed Mormon Update/Special Episode



We met Al Fox back when she was Al Fox. We talked with her just before she became engaged.

What a difference a few months make. Now Al Fox has a whole new look on life.

Listen to what she loves about speaking tours and find out what makes them a little less desirable.

ALSO…there is a big surprise contained in this episode. Be warned it will startle and amaze you. You will be wowed and impressed.

We love Al (Fox) Carraway…..Just don’t call her the Tattooed Mormon…we’re not sure if she likes that or not.



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  • Mary Hargrove says:

    I love when you have Al on. I too am a tattooed Mormon and upon hearing of her a few months back I came back into the church. I was bullied when I was going when I had a few tattoos and now I have 16. I hope one day to meet her when I move to Utah in a few weeks.


  • I am also a tattooed Mormon I was inactive for twenty two yrs a yr ago last November I came back to the church then I started reading about al fox I just went thru the temple this last August a big change in my life

    • rick hill says:

      glad you found your way back!!!!!!! every soul is important to the lord and he loves and knows us all. we all have faults, only one perfect person has been on the earth. keep moving forward!!!!!