The Best Tweets of LDSConf’s Saturday Afternoon

So I ran to get some middle eastern food and now we’re back. Here are the best tweets from the Spring 2017 Saturday Afternoon session of LDSConf.

1. This reminder that President Uchtdorf had a Super Hard Job

I can barely pronounce my own last name tbh.

2. This Truth Bomb

The church doesn’t whisk you out for shouting your opinion because we’re not voting on who should lead we’re saying we’ll support those who are leading.

3. These Mints

Really though, I want some mints now.

4. This Reminder that We Must Walk the Walk

Are there cultural changes that need to happen among church members? FOR SURE! But we still have to be obedient to God’s commandments.

5. This Important Clue to How We Should Treat Others

Lucky for me I’m a jerk to everyone…that’s how this works right?

6. This Shakeup

Elder Holland talked about the importance of diversity in the church, the need to reject cultural stereotypes, the evil of income inequality, the pain of mental illness and the room we have in the church for people of all sexual preferences…WOW. I could do a Twitter list on this talk alone.

7. This Reminder That We Must Be All In

Put all of your chips in. We’re going for the whole pot.

8. This Important Talk About Language

The Gospel is our mother language. Let’s make sure we don’t forget how to use it.

9. This Reminder That We’re In The World Not Of The World

We’re a peculiar people and that’s because we aren’t worldly.

10. This Tweet That’s Totes Goals…or Something


11. This Cheesy Joke

It probably got the biggest laugh so far.

12. This Reminder That The Living Christ is Worth Reading

The Proclamation to the Family is good but let’s not forget the Living Christ here.