Best Tweets of 2017’s Spring Session Sunday Morning

1.This gasp of excitement

To be fair, I think the gasp was a specific reaction to the temple in Saratoga Springs.

2. This Short Reminder from the Prophet

Get some rest President. We want you to be well.

3. This Feel

We all know that voice.

4. This Important Reason for Obedience

Do it because you said you would.

5. This Repetition

Really though, do it.

6. This Reminder

It’s easy to get distracted by those around you but we should look to Christ first and foremost.

7. This Guy Rocking the Organ

Someone has to play those funeral dirges.

8. This Checklist

The spirit is important ya’ll.

9. This Call to be a First Responder

When the Spirit tells you to do something, make sure you do it.

10. This Type of Obedience

God needs us to accept his command willingly and in advance.

11. This Reminder of What it Really Means to be Converted

Walk the walk ya’ll.

12. These Thirsty Women On Twitter

Really though, not this tweet specifically but judging by the tweets I see when President Uchtdorf takes the stage, you’d think Mormon women want to bring polygamy back.

13.This Anti-fear-of-God PSA

Really though fear doesn’t make anything better.

14. This Nuanced Distinction

Just because God doesn’t want us to scare people into doing what’s right that doesn’t mean he condones sin.

15. This Subtle Message from a Former Refugee

There is no asterisk in this talk that I can find.

16. This Guy

Welcome to the Bone Zone!