April 2019’s General Conference Twitter Round-up Sunday Afternoon

So we heard that you guys like tweets. So here’s some more!

This purr-fect pun

This tweet that’s saying there’s a chance

This medical tweet

This fact

This statement that none of us are perfect

This all inclusive tweet

This rare happening

This realization

This thoughtful consideration

This important step

This one good, intentional conference joke

This… photo

This layered wordplay

This simple truth

This sweet example

This need to go beyond simply taking up space in Sunday School

This flipped script

This tweet that’s getting sand everywhere

This reminder of what “home-based” really means

This REALLY expansive talk

This need to hold on

These beautiful stories from Elder McKay

The importance of doing the work ourselves

This fortress

This tl;dr version of 10ish hours of talks

This stat that shows the #TwitterStake is doing things right

This OG mustache

These temple announcements I didn’t think were coming

This sad departure