Ashley Romney Ep. 313 The Cultural Hall

By April 8, 2019episode

Ashley Romney has a love & passion for helping the Youth, especially the Young Women. She is the founder of ‘The Power of One Girl’ where she empowers teen girls to have strong self-esteem by coming unto Christ through mentoring, worksheets, workshops, products, and more. The Power of One Girl is all about teaching tools to help girls take power over their own life. You can visit her site, The Power of One Girl, here.


She has spent several years volunteering in quite the array of nonprofits and various causes and currently serves on the board of ‘Utah’s Distinguished Young Women’ as well as ‘Ivy Girl Academy’ with founder Jessie Funk. And is a blossom girl for the well-known inspiring Blog Ashley and her husband have a passion for health, he is a personal trainer and both of them follow a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle.